Monday, June 22, 2009

Mentally exhausted.

Not the complete truth, honestly.
I'm just exhausted. Period.

I'm tired I'm tired I'm tired..
and I am not blaming my work on it. Suppose it's my fault for not getting enough rest and relax when I actually have the time to.

The observation thing went fine. My boss for the day was really nice and so was the crew. I didn't do much though.. I woke up with a flu so really, all I could do was TRY to observe as much as I can. (Which wasn't much at all.)
Let's just say that I haven't been taking a good care of myself.

I'm pathetic. Thank you.
And all I wanna do right now is cry. Weep. Shout and scream.
'Cause I'm tired, and pathetically in need of attention from the one person who can't give me exactly what I need which is one stupid hug.

I am crying over a hug that I can't get.
God, how can anyone be this unstable.
This is unbearable. This feeling is unbearable.
I have the flu, my head aches, my body aches and my heart aches.

So yeah, I'm tired. Completely exhausted.
I try. All I can do now is try to hold on. I really don't think going mental right now is healthy.
mm.. yeah.. I don't think I should talk about work and then going mental in the same entry again next time. So I'll just have to try harder..

This is honestly not the best time to fall apart.. not that there is ever a good time.

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