Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You have the permission..

to bruise my heart,
and mend it again.

I really wish that I still have the time to write letters.
I hate how words fail me when I speak..

hmm.. the slide-show I'm working on is coming along fine. University did me good after all. haha!
I've been quite tense this week and I don't know why exactly. Just agitated all around. I could make jokes one minute, and pick a fight in another. I've also been eating a lot. Well, not a LOT per se, but more than the last few weeks.
I'd like to blame it on this weekend's in-flight observation and a little more on separation anxiety.
But maybe I'm just tired of not being able to write as much as I need to.
I wasn't lying when I wrote in my profile that my head would've exploded if I wasn't writing. Honestly, I don't think anyone can handle my head. (Even I'm having trouble handling it!)

Can you sense that my head is in a mess at the moment?
ughh! I'd like to not be this girl right now.


syl said...

no matter,
still the one i Love.

<3 always

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