Monday, August 10, 2009


Hotel room is fine.
And there's a crew lounge here.. so waheyy!
IN - TER - NET!!
hahahhaha! And here being Singapore.. the connection is NOTHING like the lounge in Miri! hahhahaha!

Nothing much to do, honestly. Nothing's good on telly. I missed the Charity Shield but thank you Encem for letting me know the results.
So here I am.. wishing that there were something else that I could surf around (but there isn't anything that I want to look up!) other than Facebook and.. well, typing this out.

I had a horrible flight the other day.
Like really.. horrible.
One where I almost cried.
I don't really want to talk about it since I've been bragging how "once you get off the aircraft, you'll forget about everything!"
So if I actually write about the whole incident, it'll defeat the whole "forget about everything" thing.
So I'm trying to forget about it. (yes, this one requires some effort to forget.)
I just need to note here that sometimes.. Just sometimes.. it sucks to work with people who don't know you.

Oh! Now I remember that I drew water for the bathtub.
Guess I have something to do after all..
Wish I had something wise to share with you, but I have none. I'm supposed to "wake up" in about 2 hours. bleh.
I'm looking forward to going back home in the morning. Then I get the rest of the day to relax, and the next day off! whee!

And then.. JA-KAR-TA!
Hope it'll be a good trip.
'Til next time, boys and girls.. take care!


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