Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My rage will kill me.

Hullo, from Starbucks, The Mall!

yeah, well.. I honestly prefer Coffee Bean myself but there's only Starbucks here and I wanted the internet. blablabla..

My mom fussed over the fact that I had two days off but I didn't come home to Shah Alam, so I decided to come to KL and see her. Passed Breaking Dawn to Nina as well. My 30 year-old sister is having a crush on Edward to the point where she would mention his name to my brother in-law.. it's incredible.
Even I didn't do that.
Oh, and she's on Team Edward apparently. sigh.
But at least she wasn't mad at Jacob like SOME PEOPLE I know! hahahhaha!

Anyway, my battery's dying soon. And I'm pretty bored sitting here sipping my caramel frap. I can't stop thinking about fish and chips for the past couple of days so I think I'm going to have that for dinner soon.
Have a good week, everyone!
Be safe.


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