Monday, January 04, 2010

I refuse to be sick!!

Been having some sore throat..
And sneezing a lot.
With an on-and-off runny nose.
Then the days started raining..
GAHHH!! I refuse to be sick!! Especially when I'll be having my 5-days trip to Kuching the day after tomorrow. I don't want to be down with a cold, come on!

Of course, I should probably blame myself for wearing myself out. Lacking in sleep.. working hard.. (HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!) going out 'til late.. Getting rained on...
I get it, I haven't been taking a very good care of myself these past few weeks.
I don't know why.. I guess I haven't been in the best mood to care about how I'm treating myself.

Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone!
Today's the fourth day of the year.. and I must say that the year's been pretty good to me. hahahha! (Well, I say we'll wait 'til the next couple of post for my psychotic rants to start pouring in.)
I've met lovely set crews in the past couple of flights that I've done.. Really sweet and funny supervisors.. Hung out with really entertaining people.. Talked and shared more with Encem.
I have a lot to be thankful for.
So I will try to cut down the complaints a notch this year.

Though I may never be able to laugh about my life everyday, I shall try to not find things to cry about. hehe. Plus, I have enough gray hairs to convince me to chill more and not to worry too much.
As I'm a late-bloomer, I shouldn't fuss too much about being twenty-five.. right? I mean, I couldn't help it!

So that's basically how my year's resolution going to be. More on self-improvement and not about things I want to achieve or have. No deadline. No wishes. No wants. (Okay, maybe just a little.) But mostly just going with the flow without being pushed around by the current -- if that makes any sense at all.

I will lead a better life, choose healthier food, start an actual exercise routine.. even as minor as going up and down the flight of stairs. Have healthier thoughts and laugh more. Though I'm leaving that bit of resolution for Encem to work on. hahahhaha!
He's the one who said that he'll save me after all.. so he should just suck it!! heehee.

Man, I miss that boy..
He's doing a layover in SIN while I'm here in Shah Alam.. and how psychotic am I to keep on yapping about him to Dida all day? haha. She should just suck it too for all the things she's been yapping to me whenever she gets the chance! heehee.

God, I'm thankful.
It's weird how some days I could feel so lonely when I'm surrounded by so much love..

Anyway, again.. Happy new year my darling readers..
Hope you'll have a wonderful, eventful year ahead of you.


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