Sunday, January 24, 2010


I was called up at 6:30 in the morning, and was told to report for duty at 10:30.. ughh..
The D.O. stole my time with Encem.
Tomorrow when I go back to Bukit Jalil, he won't be there as he's started his trip to BKI. sigh.
You know.. people who works in offices never had to deal with things such as this!

Well, I'm not complaining. Not too much anyway. heehee. I had just hoped that I'd get the rest of the day with Encem.. or maybe I'd get called up to a BKI nightstop or something like that.
But anyway, I'm liking Kaohsiung!
Other than the hotel having the cheapest internet rates than any other hotels that I've been to, (NTD150 = RM16, per DAY!) I also ADORE the night market completely!

Scary though.. since it's like an open air Sungai Wang Plaza! hahhahahahha!! I'm afraid of what I might buy the next time I'm here. heehee.
I don't feel "safe" to try out the street food though..
So I just spent the last half hour scouring my bags for some snacks, and what did I find?
NesVita, alright!

So I'm finishing up my drink and off to bed I will go.
About seven hours of flight to go through come morning.. (the wake up call is at 5:30am!)

So, later!
Oh, and boyfriend, I miss you ♥


alip said...

hahahha not safe huh! tapi sedappp! hahhahaha baru anthony bourdain!! hahha

Monkey's Bunny said...

hehehe.. I kesah pasal things yang jadi darah daging I.. tak dapat jadi Anthony Bourdain pun takpe :P

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