Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your patience.

Been having crazy emotions lately.
To the point that brought me to walk out of the room for fear of screaming into somebody's face. (A very particular face, most of the time.)
It's like all my anger towards anything/everything has been bottled up and are on the verge of exploding, every single time.
And then of course.. he would walk along with his cool and calm.. completely oblivious of how rotten I'd been and how horrible my tantrums can be.
But that doesn't mean that I threw my tantrums for nothing!! rawr! I blame him for stirring the monster inside me in the first place. hahhaha!
If it wasn't just for nothing, I wouldn't have a reason to cry too, right?
sigh some more.

Anyway, my three days off are up. I'm on standby come morning.. I wish they wouldn't call.. not tomorrow anyway. I don't feel like working just yet.
Actually, I don't feel like even THINKING about work right now because I HATE next month's roster! Absolutely hate it.
The only good thing about it is that I am getting the chance of having a nightstop in Taipei! It's the one, sole thing that I'm happy about the roster. (small 'wheee!')

Oh hey.. Other than that.. Life's been okay.
Nothing too exciting happening.
Dida's former boss asked me a pretty harmless question last night but what popped from my mouth for an answer is now keeping my mind at a constant thinking mode.. while my heart is on guard.
How odd.

'Til next time, everyone.
Have a good weekend ahead.


HFX said...

oooh girl tell me moreeee

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