Saturday, February 06, 2010

Work gave me flu!

I am in BKI now and having absolutely NO IDEA how to make my flu go away! It's annoying, I tell you. Of all the days to start getting sick, the flu chose THIS day! The first of my four days straight of work.
While I'm night-stopping, even!
So I'm coming home tomorrow (when there's no one to take care of me 'coz Encem will be in TPE) and then I have a layover in Kuantan.
Stupid roster gave me stupid flu.
Feels like all I ever do these days is get sick. And I really do blame my crazy roster. Testing my immune system again and again.
So hopefully I won't be too sick to work three sectors tomorrow. I know I'm going to head to bed early tonight and I'm counting on the flu meds to make that happen. haha!

I am starting to feel the lack-of-life since I've started to become a cabin crew. Crazy rosters.. and days off spent inside for a much needed rest. When I actually do gamble and go out, I end up getting sick..
Seriously.. my body needs to toughen up!
Especially since I am more likely to gamble with my rest hours -- which ended up getting me sick. hahahhaha!

If only I had been more homey.
But if I were, I wouldn't have thought of joining the airline in the first place!

Anyway, do you know that our body can only recognize ONE pain at a time? That's what I heard from somewhere anyway.
So I'm not sure if I'm all over the alone-ness I've been feeling lately, but I know that I can't think about that right now since my runny nose is bugging me so much!


alip said...

now oni i know that cabin crew has pratically no life... we spent most of our time at home, fmb, bay, aircraft and transport. thats it. thaaatttsss just it... how sad is that... kan? who says that cabin crew is THE life? haih... get well soon btw...

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