Friday, May 28, 2010

BDO Millionaire

So apparently it's impossible to not overspend in Bandung. Which blows. Kinda.
I was hoping to prove myself that I am for a fact, is not a
shopaholic.. and though I am not exactly one, it is best for me to not
have any cash lying around because I WILL spend it.

The clothes are pretty cheap here. Like really. I think I managed to
spend accordingly. A few shirts.. Office-clothes.. Dresses..
Couldn't find any pants that I liked though.. Unfortunately that gives
me a reason to shop once I get back home.

Couldn't find anything really good for my sisters.. Nor my parents.
Perhaps next time I should just get them to travel here with me.
Encem and I kinda planned on making Bandung an annual trip! Hahhaha!

Speaking of the devil, his birthday is coming up..
I still have no idea what to get him. Well, there ARE ideas, but how
much exactly do I want to spend on him? Hahahha!
I mean, my last birthday wasn't all that great anyway. Bahahahhaha!! I
know, I'm spiteful.. But I like to think that I'm being fair.
Dida's going to be mad at me if I spend too much on him anyway.
Hahahaha! For a good reason though.

I'll think of something. If everything else fails, I could always give
him a blowjob. HAHAHHAHA!!!!!
God, good thing my nieces and cousins aren't attached to me. I'd be
such a bad influence!! I swear my mouth has no censorship sometimes..
Errr.. No double meaning there. I was referring strictly to the words
that I say.

Anyway, we're going back home tomorrow.
I'm gonna miss Bandung, but I'll be happy to get away from all these shops too!

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