Thursday, March 31, 2011

Planned shopping.

Okay, I shall warn you that this is a blabla entry.
I feel like I should write it down somewhere but I don't feel like picking up a pen.

So apparently I love to shop. But I wouldn't consider myself as a shopaholic. Mostly because I usually window-shop.. compare prices (because the things I'm usually interested at are pretty expensive!) and only days, weeks, months later will I finally get the things that I've been eyeing on.
The only things that I won't require any thought when buying would be clothes. And bras and panties. hahahaha!

Then of course I usually have my reasons to buy the things that I buy.
For instance; the Starbucks tumbler that I bought a few months back. It was unnecessary.. expensive.. but I thought; I ALWAYS spend my free time at coffee shops.. and if you bring your own tumbler to Starbucks, they will deduct RM2 from the price of your drink!
So come to think of it.. in about sixty more drinks, I will save RM2 on my future drinks! HAH! Eat that!

(Of course, we are assuming that I will always remember to bring my tumbler.. And assuming that I only drink at Starbucks. But the fact is that I mostly hang out at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. sigh. I saw a tumbler that I liked there the other day. But I stopped myself from getting it since I already have the one by Starbucks. Plus, CBTL doesn't have that "RM2 off if you bring your own tumbler" thing.)
See, sometimes I make rational decisions.
But I do like that CBTL tumbler..
And my CBTL mug is starting to crack..
Perhaps I should get some mugs instead?

Did you know that I once thought of becoming a barista?
Oh but that would be another story for another day...

Do you know that I'm obsessed with Moleskine products?
Started in 2006 while I was part-timing in Kinokuniya. I worked at the stationeries department and customers; foreign ones, would come to me and ask if we had any "mole skin notebooks". Of course at the time I had never heard of a notebook that was made out of mole skin. Sounded rare and expensive. I mean, who would've thought of using moles' skin?? I wondered how WWF was okay with it.

Then I went to Europe.. went into a bookstore and saw them for the first time;
Aaaaah.. so it's a BRAND after all! Dumdumb! I perused one, and decided to get it -- a Plain Large Hardcover. (Of course I'll get a plain one!) Before I left Europe I bought another for stock.. in case I couldn't find one back home.
Of course, by the next time I went to Kinokuniya it was there.. only instead of being by the stationeries, it was upstairs with the arts and design books! Too classy to be with the Japanese notebooks maybe..? hahaha!
But if you go to Kinokuniya these days, I think you'll find Moleskine notebooks by the gift books. At least that's where I found them the last I was there.
(By the way, I've always LOVED notebooks. I have plenty, and most of them are unused! hahahhaha! Talk about unnecessary. Ana bought me a pretty flowery notebook for my birthday once. And Encem bought me a red Moleskine during the earlier months we're together.)

And now back to the shopping topic.
At present I have SIX Moleskines. Two I got from Europe; the one I got from Rotterdam is absolutely old, stained and almost historical with it's rubber band all loose now. The one from Frankfurt is perfectly wrapped in its plastic with the price tag still attached; €13.99 yikes!
Then there's the red one that I mentioned earlier..
A special edition Discovery Channel 2010 journal that Mama gave me; somebody gave it to her boss which then gave to her and then finally got to me whom she knows LOVES to write/doodle/Moleskine. The journal was Ruled though, but what the heck.. A Moleskine is still a Moleskine!
Then I got the Book Journal from the Passions series (I also got Encem the Music Journal at the same time) which I have been putting aside for a while.
And recently I bought the 2011 Calendar which is to me.. ABSOLUTELY unnecessary but I had to have it anyway! hahahahah! I'm terrible like that.

Then a few days ago Kina asked my opinion on Moleskine prices because she's getting the new Baby Journal. So now, my Travel Journal is also on its way with Kina's new buy from Amazon. aaah..

I know since I got my Maybank debit card, I probably spend a lot more. Previously I wouldn't have any chance to buy things online but now it's just too easy!
So I've been thinking of getting the Moleskine Folio Sketchbook A4 or Watercolor A4. I wanted a photo album but I've never been the straight type of person that believes only photo albums should hold photos. (Just like why most of my notebooks are plain and not ruled. The lines makes me not want to doodle.)

But, I've got these.. images in my head on how I wanted the "album" to look like and for that to happen, I gotta have that Polaroid PoGo that I've been thinking about for MONTHS! I still can't afford it. I mean, I CAN, but I won't be all too giddy if I get it. I would worry too much about my savings instead.
And I want to go on more holidays..
I also want to get a new mattress and a bed.. (which I've been wanting since last year!)
And I should finally get my driving license! (Yes folks, I cannot drive!)
My priorities are all jumbled up now.
I spend about 1k on monthly commitments; that's rent, insurance and school loans for school that I did not finish! Wastage, I tell you.

Let me tell you this, being a crew.. you don't make as much money as you thought it would. Not that I joined to make money, but I'm just saying. Funny that I never thought of money or the "glamour" when I joined. I know some people thought of those when they think about cabin crew. Some even join to meet wealthy men or in hopes of marrying the tech crew! Crazy.

So! Planned shopping..
Before I get any more Moleskine, I better get my camera first. Before that happens, I better feel safe with my current savings. For that to happen, I really shouldn't spend any more money at LaSenza -- I think I have enough bras, panties and jammies at the time being. I also have enough shoes; I've replaced my "night-stop" shoes last month (pumps from Charles and Keith), bought a pair of flip-flops for AU$10 while I was at Surfer's Paradise HRC (which I thought was a bargain!) because I only have one other flip-flops that I had since 2006, and that Puma sneakers that I bought two days ago because I envied Encem for buying one. That was unnecessary. Really unnecessary.
No More Unnecessary Spending!!! RAWRR!
Also, no more bags! (Yes, I also bought a new sling bag two days ago.. after thinking about it for a week. So, no regrets there! But still.. no more bags!) Unless one of my handbags caught on fire in some freakish accident or something. hahahha!

Enough blabla..
I'm too tired of writing this to proof-read it. Sorry if I'd used bad grammar at some point. Or if there are typos. Perhaps I'll proof-read it tomorrow.

By the way, if you've never seen a Moleskine before, head to

It's a holi-holiday!

Hullo!! It's been a while..
I've got to say that not writing/updating this blog for this long hasn't been easy for me. Even while I was on holiday, I felt the urge to post some sort of entry with my phone. sigh.. But if I actually did, I think it'd defeat the true purpose of my holiday..
Hence, to stop myself from constantly telling you what I was doing, I'd usually left my phone at the chalet.. (Who says I can't live without my phone?)

Choppy waters.

KL - Kota Besut;
I think I have been to Kelantan/Terengganu before, but I guess it never really registered to my brain on how long the journey took since my family and I would usually have pit-stops.. Food, gas, piss, sightsee..
But because Kera's friend was LATE, we had to stay in the car for most part of the journey! I was really moody.. (for other reasons as well, but I'm not going to write about it here..) Then again, I'm also a brat so there really need not be other reasons for me to be moody. heh.

We got to the jetty at almost seven.. the last boat had went out hours ago! But luckily there happened to be an extra boat and we managed to get on that.
The ride.. was MURDER!
I swear my kidneys relocated itself by the time we got to the island.

Starlit dinner.

My mood picked up by the next day.
The holiday mood finally kicked in. I suppose I should thank Kera for it. I don't know.. It had felt like we finally got some quality time together.
We had dinner by the beach with his friend, had good conversations, and just sat out by the beach looking at the stars. I even managed a glimpse at a shooting star! Just my kind of night, I guess.

I really loved that.

To the beach!

Funnily, I only got into the water on our third day there..
The weather was good. We fell asleep at a lazy chair by the beach after breakfast. The waters were scary actually. Pretty and clear, but scary. The locals said that it should have been calm by this time of the year but maybe the Earth is just so unstable these days that the weather seems to change.
I thought it was funny seeing the locals surf. I just can't seem to relate surfing as a sport in Malaysia somehow..

Anyway, I got what I looked for from this holiday.
Some relaxation, quality time with the boyfriend.. a slight tan.. haha!
And yeah, some pictures of me jumping by the beach. Aku memang suka lompat lompat macam kanak kanak girang.

I had actually thought of doing a complete rundown of my days in Perhentian but you know what? I'm lazy! hahahahha. I wish I was still on the island.
But the fact is, we went home on Monday (Mahligai bus from Kota Besut to Putra Station, KL; departs at 8+pm.. arrives at 6am on the Tuesday!) got a few hours of shuteye, went to Midvalley to do some (unnecessary) shopping, bumped into Adi and Irina, met up with Bestie and Crystal to watch Battle L.A, and went to work on the Wednesday.
I was in paradise one day, and back to work the next. gahh!


Monday, March 21, 2011


The more I tell people that I'm not from Sarawak, the more I spend my time there. Next month's roster is out (early!) and I'll be spending FOUR nights in Kuching!
For the first time since my conversion, I wasn't rostered to any Airbus flights; unless you count the one I'll be dead-heading to -- Kuching!

Anyway, I am currently inside the commuter train heading to Kina's office. I honestly can't remember when was the last time I had to ride this damn slow train. Let's just say that at this moment I am thankful for my Blackberry. Without it I will just have to entertain myself in some other way.

I could probably dance around in this coach. Listening to The Strokes just makes me want to move somehow. O yeah, I listen to The Strokes. Not exactly a big fan, but Encem is. I suppose if he isn't I would've only known the band's existence but never really listen to them.

So how have I been spending my off days? Err.. I spent the most of yesterday sleeping. Didn't even shower the whole day, it was AWESOME! Hahahaha! But I needed to get some things done so that's why I'm in the commuter right now. But I like mixing business with pleasure, hence; errands with the bank then lunch with Kina! yayy!

Two more stops..
I wish I am confident enough to actually dance around in this coach. Bahahaha! But all I do is tap my foot, and move my head to the beats a bit. hmm.. Not that I care if people think that I'm crazy, but I myself would be pretty annoyed if I see someone jigs around in the small coach.
Oh well.. *moves head with the beats*

Tomorrow Encem will be back from his five days trip! yayyyz! It'll be a full week since we last saw each other.. sigh.
I miss my monkey!

Have a good week everyone!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pulang dari keje..

Alamak.. Saloma cerita pasal time dia interview laa..
Terasa nak join sekali. Boleh?

Okay, kalau korang nak tahu.. aku gi interview dua kali actually.
Sekali tu.. aku ala ala pegi tanpa pengetahuan orang tua aku. So mungkin tak berkat la kan, tu yang tak dapat tu. Or mungkin jugek sebab aku selamba je pegi dengan pakai spek. hahahha! Aku memang suka hati.
Bila interviewer tanya kenapa aku tak datang pakai contacts, aku dengan senyum mesra jawab, "oh, it's a luxury I can't afford at the moment" hahaha! Almaklumlah, aku ni kan menganggur manjang time tu.

Tapi dalam comot comot tu, aku sampai gak la final stage.
Tapi first time interview tu, semua benda dalam satu weekend. Ada empat stage; empat empat stage hari Sabtu dan Ahad tu. Letih tau. Ramai orang! Kau kena tunggu turn bagai..
So by the time fourth stage, memang aku dah tak ada mood nak bercakap. Honestly, aku tengok muka interviewer tu pun buat aku letih. Mana tak nye, langsung tak mesra! MH my ass!

So bila aku dapat email seminggu lepas tu kata aku tak dapat, aku tak ada laa terkejut sangat. Memang fourth stage tu sangat hampehh. Expectable, tapi aku still kecewa. Ade laa macam tak hingin dah try jadi cabin crew. Kalau aku kena reject awal awal lagi, aku senang sikit nak terima. Ni dah sampai final koot.. hmmph!

Anyway, beberapa bulan lepas tu keluar iklan lagi. Time tu aku dah merajuk dah, tapi satu famili aku suruh try lagi. So.. berkat? hihi.
Kali ni interview dia lain sikit. Masa aku datang pagi tu, nampak semua pompuaaan je. Rupanya hari Sabtu tu memang dia interview pompuan saja, laki kena datang hari Ahad.

First stage, sesi suai kenal. Ada tiga orang kompeni, dan enam orang hopefuls. Time ni dia just suruh kau cerita pasal diri kau. Aku cerita benda biasa je la.. asal mana, hobi.. Pastu kebetulan la kan, interviewer sorang hanta anak dia kat skolah Section 9 Shah Alam. Aku pun, alamak! Section 2 ngan Section 9 dulu enemies! Biase la kan, bila ada game bola ke apa.. study-wise pun. Aku pot pet pot pet je la ntah hape merepek time tu. Bila tanya hobi lak aku cerita pasal blogging. Maybe nasib jugak kot, interviewer yang sama tanya aku pasal cemana nak set up blog.
End up memang aku sorang je yang banyak bercakap time tu..
And aku sorang je lepas pegi next stage.. Part tu aku tak seronok sangat sebab kesian kat lagi lima orang tu. Yang sorang tu pun actually sampai final stage gak last time dia pegi interview..

Second stage ni cam memain je.
Dia tak tanya pape sebab ini tang grooming. Dia ukur tinggi, berat.. Suruh angkat seluar kau sikit, lipat lengan baju sikit.. carik scar la.. tattoo ke..
Pastu dia suh balik.. Dia akan contact untuk next stage.

So aku pun balik lah.. tunggu dan tunggu.. Rasa cam, betul ke diorang nak call ni?
Sebabnye, time aku ni, kitorang tunggu dalam sebulan before the next stage! Bapak lama hokeyy..
So almost sebulan tu diorang call, suh datang hari Sabtu kat akademi lagi..
Kali ni ada laki (yayy!) hahahha. Aku datang awal time tu so awal awal lagi nama aku dah kena panggil.

Stage ketiga ni aku tak ingat sangat cemana. (cik Amyan ingat tak?) Masuk berenam kot. Before kitorang masuk, ada laa sorang mamat ni, Fariq.. mesra gila! Memang GILA tak hengat!! Buat lawak merepek apa ntah.. kitorang siap diskas lagi, nanti masuk kalau dia tanya suh bincangkan something, kita cerita pasal makanan..
Sekali kitorang masuk, dia suh cakap pasal road bullies.. Ada la yang cakap memang road bullies ni memang tak elok, suka carik pasal.. Aku lak dengan selamba cakap kadang kadang orang driving cam haram, buat orang nak jadi road bully! Aku ingat time ni cik Amyan agree ngan aku. hahahaha!

Pastu dia tanya pasal talent lak. Time ni aku merepek pasal writing. Tiga orang kata menari. Yang sorang menari square dance, sorang kata belly dance tapi dia taknak demo, yang sorang ni nari.. macam.. gay sangat kot! HAHAHAHHA! Aku tak ingat Amyan ngan Fariq kata apa. (Korang cakap ape eh?)
So yang lepas empat orang; square dance, Fariq, Amyan, aku.

Last stage, sesi paling mendebarkan.
Aku dah emo time tu sebab teringat last time. Tapi sebab si Fariq ni ada.. so aku tenang sikit kot. Last stage ni masuk lima orang, so ada laa sorang amoi ni join group kitorang.
Lama kitorang tunggu nak masuk bilik tu. Kitorang patut masuk bilik A, tapi sekali dapat tau dalam bilik A orang besar kompeni. Fariq dah kecut dah. Rupenye si Fariq dah pegi interview LIMA kali.. so entah cemana, kitorang boleh lak swap bilik pegi yang lagi satu. Time ni aku rasa kurang sedap hati.. rasa macam cheat fate lak. Tapi aku ikut kata majority; semua nak swap bilik.

Sekali bila masuk bilik interview ni, aku rasa tenang hati. Dua orang interviewer ni senyuum je. Manis. Sorang laki, sorang pompuan.. yang pompuan ni sebenanye ketua akademi lah kira. Orang besa jugek actually.
First thing dia tanya, nama each other. Dia suh kitorang sebut nama orang lain dalam group tu. Kitorang pass with flying colours lah! Dah sah sah berborak sepanjang tunggu. Yang pompuan tu dah impressed dah, sebab dia kata group sebelum kitorang tak tau pun nama each other. hehe.

Kali ni dia kasi situation and kitorang kena jawab sorang sorang.. Kelakar la part ni. Sebab Fariq kena soal; katakan ada lelaki raba dia, apa dia buat. Fariq kata dia akan senyum saja. Of course la kitorang tergelak kan! Macam suka lak kena raba, hisy! Aku tak ingat apa situation aku dapat, yang aku tau aku main tibai je konon aku reti nak handle.

Anyway, seminggu dua lepas tu dapat call untuk pegi bonding briefing dan medical check-up. Memang satu group aku lepas.
Tapi disebabkan pengukur ketinggian kat medical centre tu bengong, cik Amyan tersangkut dan tak join training..

Fariq sebok call HR so dia dapat masuk batch 06/09.
Aku, Fabian (square dance) ngan amoi May masuk batch 09/09.
Tapi kitorang end up graduate sama sama..
dua tahun yang lepasSebab tu lah aku pesan, kalau betul betul nak keje ni, jangan malu jangan segan.. Kalau kau jenis tak berani nak start bersuara buat kawan pun, kau kena la rajen senyum so orang yang rajin bersuara buat kawan ni mau berkawan ngan korang.

Kurusnye rupa aku dua tahun lepas. isyk.
Anyway, aku balek dari Brisbane ni tak tido lagi. Otak aku macam tengah shutdown sikit sikit. Agenda utama aku tadi sampai rumah adalah: BERAK. Aku tak paham betul toilet omputeh ni takde bidet. Puas ke main salat salat je? ewww!

Sepanjang trip lak satu set aku tanya aku from Sarawak ke. Tak sudah sudah! SUNGGUH aku tak ada related dengan orang Borneo ataupun darah Cina!
Pastu paling best, ada orang kat Brisbane tanya aku arah.. WAH! Rupa local kah saya?? hahahahha!

Bila fikir balek pasal time aku join.. Aku terasa sangat macam Tuhan memang dah ada plan untuk aku. Kalau lah aku start training awal, aku takde dalam batch 09/09. Or kalau lah aku degil sangat and tak pegi interview untuk kali kedua. Aku tak dapat study safety kat Cherating ngan batchmate aku. (iye, kitorang memang sempoi!)
Aku takkan ada Mummy dan Bestie.. dan aku tak berkawan pun dengan Encem.

Semua orang ada path masing masing kan?

Lepas ni aku cuti tiga hari sebelum buat flight four sector yang ntah pape. Aku nak balek Shah Alam!! Mau tuntut duit sama si Chacha. Banyak sangat beli barang kat Brisbane.. saya sengkekk!! Cemana mau pegi bercuti nihhh??

Friday, March 18, 2011

Subway and Iced Lemon Tea.

Eight hours flight.
Eight hours fifteen last night, though. Headwind probably, I don't know. It was a one heck of a tiring flight. I made a mistake with one of the special-meals, but fortunately my supervisor didn't JUST blame me as the passenger hadn't said anything himself. pshh!!

Idiot guy. He ate his mother's special-meal and wanted to blame me for it. I wouldn't have handed the damn box to him if they hadn't switch seats! Grrr..
Anyway, I'm really glad that my supervisor wasn't angry at me. I've never -- NEVER made a mistake with the special-meals before! So yeah, I was irked by this.

Oh well.. That was yesterday.
I had a good day today. My colleague and I went to the Gold Coast earlier. Took the train, and boy it was a long ride!
I shopped a lot today. I don't know.. There really isn't anything in Australia that you can't find back home (except maybe Woolworths!) but I'm always able to find something to buy over here! ughh!
Monokini.. Dresses.. HRC pin.. (whee!)

I talked to a bunch of strangers today. Pretty odd considering that I am not the kind who usually initiates conversations. There's the woman on the train who was into crystals for meditations..
The Brazilian shopgirl that keeps making me try out some clothes -- that I eventually bought!
And there's Jose.. The Puerto Rican cashier at Surfer's Paradise Hard Rock Cafe. I really liked him. He's really nice to chat with.

My colleague thought that he looked scary; his body was full of tattoos, but really.. He's quite soft spoken, and the things he talked about was just my kind of topics! I kinda hope that there is a way we could stay in touch. I don't know.. Being in this biz, meeting all sorts of people -- and a heck load of them, after a while you acquire a talent of reading people. People that you'll get along with. Even if you only had fifteen minutes to connect.

My colleague reckoned that Jose was interested in me. Well, she was obviously too busy picking out a tee to listen to the things that Jose and I talked about.
I must admit that this must sound odd, but here I am in my hotel room.. thinking about a man I talked to for less than a half hour, and feeling a twinge of regret. I really wish I could talk to him some more. He seems like the kind of man I could have deep conversations with over coffee. If he wasn't attracted to me, I am definitely attracted to him!
In an odd, philosophical sort of way.. I would love nothing more than pick at his brain!

So yeah.. Despite going to Surfer's Paradise, meeting Jose was the highlight of my day. I've always said this, but really.. What makes a place special is really the people. It's just like going on a roadtrip.. You won't remember the long car ride when you are stuck with great friends.

I have 20 dollars left in my purse, and I think I still have some things to get from Woolworths! sigh.. I need to find a cure to my obsession with supermarkets. (I miss Albert Heijn!!)

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Monday, March 14, 2011


Oooh! The new rooms here actually reminds me of Hyatt KK! ..somewhat.
Really, what a difference! The old rooms were.. really OLD! Old furnitures, old tv, old carpets.. They're just old!
Anyway, I just got here three hours ago and I'm already bored. sigh.

And a bit sad too, to be honest.
I don't want to talk about it. It's just one of those things that are just too lame to admit. ughhh..
Just know that I am here in Sibu, and feeling sad.

I always thought that it's better to say all the things that you mean to say anyway.. I mean, instead of letting the words run around your mind for a whole day.. might as well just say it out loud right?
I guess I keep forgetting the fact that I may not like the response I would get from the words that I said..

mmph.. I suppose I just got stupid.

I only got two hours of sleep last night, so I am super duper sleepy at the moment. But I'm afraid that if I sleep now, I will have trouble sleeping later! So.. ughh! TORN!!
My set crew are pretty cool today. The Leading is well known for making drinks for the crew; a very rare trait to have amongst supervisors. It's nice.

As I've mentioned in a previous entry, my company has been keen on having new intakes. Well.. it feels like everyone's leaving. I know a bunch that's leaving to join either SQ or CX. Can't blame them. The grass always seems greener on the other side.
Just the other day, a passenger of mine; well, an elderly couple really.. The man held up the classifieds section of the newspaper and showed me the ad for Qatar Airways, saying that I should go. His wife agreed and handed me the section. They were both saying that the pay's better. I stared at it a second and said, "well, I don't know.. Even with my parents living just 30 minutes away, I don't see them as often as I should. Don't know what'll happen if I'm in a whole different country."
The couple nodded.. and asked for the section back. hahahahha!!

mm.. yeah.. When it comes to my case, you shouldn't worry about me being homesick. It's always about me not wanting to come home..

Anyway! MAS interview on the 26th this month..
For you hopefuls, hmm.. What I can say is this; they won't judge you solely on your looks, but you must be presentable and tidy. They want to hear you talk, but at the same time you have to listen. It's good to connect with your fellow interviewees. Make friends even before you enter the room. It is not the time to be shy; if they ask you to dance -- DANCE!
Smile even when you're nervous. Don't be too afraid to laugh.

At one stage of the interview, the interviewer asked me what my talent was and I said "writing".. She then asked me how am I going to show them (there were three interviewer, and six interviewees) my talent. I told them that if they give me a pen and a piece of paper, I would write something for them nicely.. and then giggled like an idiot. Had I known that they needed proof, I would've told them that I sing.. but anyway, you basically just have to go with what ever they throw at you.
But talk about what you know. I know Encem talked about nasi dagang at one point of his interview. I talked about blogging.

There is always a chance where you can show the interviewers just who you are. So if you are trying out, good luck!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Current location: Starbucks, Jusco Seremban 2
Drink of choice: coffee-based, Caramel Frappucino, Venti

So I've been acting a wee bit like a brat. Not obviously.. I think.
I enjoy seeing my sisters and the Kiddies, but last night's flight was pretty strenuous.. I was tired.. And the bed in Kina's guest room isn't exactly to my liking.
The result; I woke up at 6.. And 9.. And eventually at 1:30..

I was hungry, and though I kinda wanted to NOT eat (because I've been feeling like I've been eating a LOT these days) I notice that measly things just ticked me off.
So apparently all I needed was some sandwiches and coffee in my system..

Now I'm ready..
Hello, World! How are you?

Everybody else is at the karaoke at the moment, and I should join them soon. But the thing about one, SINGLE day off.. It always stresses me out in the sense that I get torn between social 'obligation' and what I want.. Or in this case, NEED to do.

What is the point being around people when you're feeling all so crappy anyway? I prefer saving them from the unpleasantries, thanks!

I'm having a nightstop in Sibu tomorrow. That usually nerves me up a bit. Famous Sibu -- for the ghost stories at the hotel!! The town itself is unexciting, there really isn't anything to do except staying in and watch some mindless television.
Funny how I don't need a tv..

I remember in Form 3, my dad was so furious that I was glued to the tv (instead of studying for the big exam) so much that he moved it into my bedroom. haha! I was such a problematic child..
Oh well, I ended up with just 3A's that year.. Whatever.
I suppose I grew out of that.

Oh! Just got to the karaoke place. A guy here just told me that I can't bring any outside food or drink in; that he could keep it aside until we leave -- it's the LAW. Hahahahahhahahahahahaha!!
I swear, some people are just stupid. Honestly I kinda wanted to see if I'll get arrested for bringing the rest of my frappucino into the room, but I suppose I could save that moment for when I actually blow up to something else that 'matters'. Whaling.. Oppression..
O yeah, I guess that thing about me is still the same; argumentative, short tempered.. Excrutiatingly blunt.. (poor English substitute teacher..)

Time to lose my voice now..

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Khas buat Wantan :)

Orang slalu dedicate lagu.. Aku dedicate blog entry, boleh?

So apparently adeela budak skolah aku yang follow blog ni. hmm..
Perasaannye: Segan.
Entah. Maybe sebab in a way aku rasa aku yang skarang dah lain kot dari dulu.. Tapi in the same time sama jugak! Cemana nak explain?
I guess kalau korang baca dari first entry blog ni (yakni pada bulan Jun, SEMBILAN tahun yang lalu..) maybe korang boleh judge sendiri lah whether aku masih orang yang sama or berlainan.

Anyway, ada satu menda yang stuck kat kepala aku dalam salah satu email aku dengan kawan skolah aku ni.. Ayat dia;
"btw, it is so nice of you to respond to my message.. I know you so well when we were in school. Ko jenis malas nak layan orang and suka buat hal sendiri."
Ini ayat daripada classmate aku yang duk dekaaat ngan aku time Form 4.
It makes one think..
Macam.. Kot ye pun aku antisocial rasenye aku still mau kot reply message! Hahahaha.. Lagi lagi since aku memang kenal sender nya.

Lain la kalau tak kenal, pastu message kat Facebook cakap "ai, nk bknalan ble?"
Mengeja pun tak lepas, ada hati nak berkawan.. Eeeee!!

Oh, back to topic.
Sejujurnya aku memang jenis buat hal sendiri. Aku faham kadang kadang tu bila orang "menyebok", sebenarnya dia concern.. Tapi aku tak pandai nak concern tanpa rasa macam penyebok! Hahahaha!

Wantan tanya kenapa entry aku selalu cerita pasal rasa kosong.
Aku pun tatau lah. Maybe sebab bila aku happy, otak aku tak banyak fikir kot? So aku pun tak blog.. Bukan nak kata aku tak penah happy, tapi antara reason aku kurang bercerita pasal benda happy sebab aku takut nanti aku jinx that happiness. Cam ye yee je aku seronok pastu next second merundum aku jatuh!

Lagi satu, buat masa ni menda yang buat aku happy selalunya si Kera. (Sori kalau korang konfius; Kera, Encem, Boyfriend, Anak Ikan Patin semua adalah orang yang sama.) Tapi dia jenis private, so aku rasa bersalah sikit bila aku cerita pasal dia. Like I'm violating his privacy lak.
And aku taknak blog ni jadi shrine untuk dia! Maka terciptalah berdozen entry lembu gila kat blog ni macam Kera lah boyfriend paling tak best di dunia..

Tapi pusing pusing, Kera lah penglipur lara hati aku time aku sunyi. Sakit hati cemana pun aku kat dia, dia sorang je lah yang aku memang genuinely rindu. Dialah Encem, kalau aku pandang muka dia lama lama aku rase aku nak geget hidung dia! Muahahaha! Dia je sabar layan saiko aku. And aku memang saiko. Aku menyampah bila dia layan aku lain depan kawan kawan kitorang. Tapi secretly itu one of my favourite things pasal "kitorang".
Tak perlu la kitorang buat kengkawan lain naik mual kan? Tapi Bestie la kot terpaksa menahan kadang kadang sebab dia paling biase hang out ngan kitorang. hehe

Bak kata ada sorang kawan aku ni.. "You're not depressed, you're just brooding."
Mungkin betul lah tu. Belum cukup lagi apa yang aku ada. Dari kecik aku memang susah nak dapat apa yang aku nak, so focus aku kat benda lain. Material satisfaction is simply irrelevant since that was never the thing that I seek in the first place. Which makes it all the more harder for me to keep "happiness" within my grasp.
So what makes me happy?
Entah lah.. Hari hari pun lain. Padan muka Kera kena figure it out. Pastu padan muka aku gak sebab end up emo sensorang..

Btw, #crewlife..
Aku skarang kat CGK.. Sat tadi makan Maggi Asam Laksa in mug, sambil minum air Milo dari dalam wine glass. Amacam? Glamour tak? huhuu.. Saje je nak menggedik pakai wine glass sebab macam sadis sangat. Hahahaha!
Kat sini takleh smoking dalam bilik. Sangaaap!! Actually patutnye malam ni buat MLE, tapi mutual ngan Bestie sebab dia nak early arrival. Alhamdulillah, allergies pun macam dah habis.. And it only took two weeks! *sarcastic*

Selama tak elok elok lagi tu macam macam teori orang ada.. "Benda" melintas lah.. Kencing langsuir lah.. So aku bersyukur sangat lah rashes ni dah reda; sebelum aku kena gi carik tok bomoh mana mana.

Tadi dalam flight ada sorang pompuan mesra je bila masuk. Cakap "hai Waniee!" Pening kepala aku try ingat aku kenal dia ke idak. Crew jugak ke? Set aku tak kenal.. Sedara ke? Almaklum lah, aku ni memang jenis tak kenal sedara.. Tak snonoh! So aku end up terfikir dia kawan Dida kot.. Rase rasenya laa..
Tapi tadi buat flight Kuantan dulu, so aku tak sempat nak beramah mesra.. Flight pendek sangat, pastu full flight! Rasa bersalah je..

Maybe memang lah kesan radiation banyak sangat fly.. Aku pun takleh nak iyakan sangat since aku dari dulu memang jenis pelupa. Banyak sangat fikir menda ntah pape, space kat otak dah tak banyak nak ingat nama orang..
Tua sebelum waktu.. Alahai...

Oyy banyaknye nyamuk kat luar nihh!!! Kang mau esok aku bintat pasal nyamuk lak dah..

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What's your name again?

heehee.. So, I saw an acquaintance at the mall today. A tech crew, to be precise. We changed glances, smiled.. Funny thing was, I couldn't recall his name! And just about that moment he texted me!
How lame was that? I couldn't recall his name when in actual fact we had each other's numbers! hahahahha!! And I'm sorry.. But I felt beautiful, hot and awesome at that moment. Hahahhaha!!

Another funny thing about cabin crew and tech crews.. We don't really like each other. Well, not I personally.. To me they're just as human as everybody else.. They just get more money doing maths and being bored sitting on their arses. But I don't know.. Everytime I tell a more senior crew that I am in a relationship with someone who is in the same biz as we do, they'd ask if he is a "driver" or a "waiter" -- like it's some sort of a big deal.
WHY is it a big deal??

I honestly don't know.
For one, I don't get friendly with anyone to get anything from them other than friendship. Someone to have a chat with over a drink. So I don't assume that they're expecting anything other than the same things that I do. I don't know.. My mind just works that way.
I don't care if some cabin crews thought that tech crews are silver-spoon fed, or that some tech crews thought that cabin crews are stupid. But yeah, I'm sorry fellow cabin crews.. I don't think tech crews are jack asses. People are jack asses. Generalizing people based on their profession is unfair. PEOPLE are asses.

If we are doing that, I guess I just have to admit that I am loose, frivolous, a party animal and EASY. Yeah. Let's go with that.
I am easy.

Oh okay, enough of this. Gotta go. My favourite waiter is looking all too cute that I refuse to leave him alone. heehee!

Just for notes; during the house arrest I managed to buy myself a novel and a Moleskine. ughhh! I swear, I could possibly be the easiest person to get a gift for. (Let's forget the fact that the things that I like are usually pricey.. eep!)
But yeah.. can't wait for for those to get heree!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

On house arrest.

Well, not exactly but something like it.
What else would you call it when you're forced to stay home without your will??

So.. it's the 8th day of the 23rd month I've been with the company. Medical leave: SEVEN.
Okay, I'll stop obsessing about the medical leaves.. We are talking about my health here anyway! pfft. Honestly the itching gets old.. and surprisingly manageable. But the red spots.. Really.. Who would ever love seeing a red-spotted girl serving them food?

Funny though.. Late last month I was yacking about how I wasn't rostered with as many nightstops as the rest of my friends are.. I suppose God works in mysterious ways. hmmph..
Pretty annoying come to think about it.

Moving on, I was stuck in a philosophical limbo the other day..
Being a Sag.. finishing up reading The Zahir and watching The Adjustment Bureau in the same week, just gets me stuck staring into nothing in space.
A bit unfortunate for boyfriend though as he worries that he'd done something wrong -- which he probably did, (haha!) but naah.. I was just typically stuck in a philosophical question on a Monday.

I loved The Adjustment Bureau by the way! It was.. thought provoking.
Ah.. I suppose if you've been following this blog for some time you would've figured out that questions of fate and destinies always runs through my mind.

Oh! About being on house arrest.. I guess I'll just be more inclined to shop online, huh? Bahhahahaha!

By the way, I had a really good read earlier..
Boys.. (especially) READ THIS!
Read it or I'll send my allergies to you.. rawrr!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Cok ponggong lagi!

Allergy tak kurang kurang..
Nak keje pon tak senang!

Maka.. dah dekat dua tahun keje, mc dah ENAM! hmmph..
Memang la aku lagi suka cuti, tapi aku tak suka cuti sebab mc! Tak cantik sungguh rekod. Aku fikir fikir.. aku NAK kot renew contract. At least memang diberi peluang untuk renew contract lah!

Bila keje dengan kompeni besar kan.. Kau dispensable. Diorang boleh ganti kau dengan senang. Kompeni aku ni lak memang tengah galak lak amek new intakes. So aku harap sangat by the time interview untuk permanent nanti, diorang tak tengok rekod mc aku. Lagi lagi since aku memang dah sakit!
Bukan suka suki malas nak keje.
Aku takde sugardaddy nak bayakan sewa umah, bil tepon aku.. Savings pon ala ala tak ada.. (Ada, tapi ala ala takde.. Dah asyik adeee je menda nak beli online, takde savings la jadinya! hahahha!)

Punye lah dedicated ni, allergy tak elok lagi tapi sempat gak la keje tiga hari.. And hari hari by the last sector, rashes start naik. Tertekannn!!!
Dalam masa 8 hari, aku dah pegi klinik tiga kali, tengok resit macam lebih RM150 gak lah ubat ubat semua. hmmph! Seb baik bukan bayar sendiri..

Anyway, badan tengah rase tak best..
So, 'til next time.

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