Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a holi-holiday!

Hullo!! It's been a while..
I've got to say that not writing/updating this blog for this long hasn't been easy for me. Even while I was on holiday, I felt the urge to post some sort of entry with my phone. sigh.. But if I actually did, I think it'd defeat the true purpose of my holiday..
Hence, to stop myself from constantly telling you what I was doing, I'd usually left my phone at the chalet.. (Who says I can't live without my phone?)

Choppy waters.

KL - Kota Besut;
I think I have been to Kelantan/Terengganu before, but I guess it never really registered to my brain on how long the journey took since my family and I would usually have pit-stops.. Food, gas, piss, sightsee..
But because Kera's friend was LATE, we had to stay in the car for most part of the journey! I was really moody.. (for other reasons as well, but I'm not going to write about it here..) Then again, I'm also a brat so there really need not be other reasons for me to be moody. heh.

We got to the jetty at almost seven.. the last boat had went out hours ago! But luckily there happened to be an extra boat and we managed to get on that.
The ride.. was MURDER!
I swear my kidneys relocated itself by the time we got to the island.

Starlit dinner.

My mood picked up by the next day.
The holiday mood finally kicked in. I suppose I should thank Kera for it. I don't know.. It had felt like we finally got some quality time together.
We had dinner by the beach with his friend, had good conversations, and just sat out by the beach looking at the stars. I even managed a glimpse at a shooting star! Just my kind of night, I guess.

I really loved that.

To the beach!

Funnily, I only got into the water on our third day there..
The weather was good. We fell asleep at a lazy chair by the beach after breakfast. The waters were scary actually. Pretty and clear, but scary. The locals said that it should have been calm by this time of the year but maybe the Earth is just so unstable these days that the weather seems to change.
I thought it was funny seeing the locals surf. I just can't seem to relate surfing as a sport in Malaysia somehow..

Anyway, I got what I looked for from this holiday.
Some relaxation, quality time with the boyfriend.. a slight tan.. haha!
And yeah, some pictures of me jumping by the beach. Aku memang suka lompat lompat macam kanak kanak girang.

I had actually thought of doing a complete rundown of my days in Perhentian but you know what? I'm lazy! hahahahha. I wish I was still on the island.
But the fact is, we went home on Monday (Mahligai bus from Kota Besut to Putra Station, KL; departs at 8+pm.. arrives at 6am on the Tuesday!) got a few hours of shuteye, went to Midvalley to do some (unnecessary) shopping, bumped into Adi and Irina, met up with Bestie and Crystal to watch Battle L.A, and went to work on the Wednesday.
I was in paradise one day, and back to work the next. gahh!



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