Sunday, March 13, 2011


Current location: Starbucks, Jusco Seremban 2
Drink of choice: coffee-based, Caramel Frappucino, Venti

So I've been acting a wee bit like a brat. Not obviously.. I think.
I enjoy seeing my sisters and the Kiddies, but last night's flight was pretty strenuous.. I was tired.. And the bed in Kina's guest room isn't exactly to my liking.
The result; I woke up at 6.. And 9.. And eventually at 1:30..

I was hungry, and though I kinda wanted to NOT eat (because I've been feeling like I've been eating a LOT these days) I notice that measly things just ticked me off.
So apparently all I needed was some sandwiches and coffee in my system..

Now I'm ready..
Hello, World! How are you?

Everybody else is at the karaoke at the moment, and I should join them soon. But the thing about one, SINGLE day off.. It always stresses me out in the sense that I get torn between social 'obligation' and what I want.. Or in this case, NEED to do.

What is the point being around people when you're feeling all so crappy anyway? I prefer saving them from the unpleasantries, thanks!

I'm having a nightstop in Sibu tomorrow. That usually nerves me up a bit. Famous Sibu -- for the ghost stories at the hotel!! The town itself is unexciting, there really isn't anything to do except staying in and watch some mindless television.
Funny how I don't need a tv..

I remember in Form 3, my dad was so furious that I was glued to the tv (instead of studying for the big exam) so much that he moved it into my bedroom. haha! I was such a problematic child..
Oh well, I ended up with just 3A's that year.. Whatever.
I suppose I grew out of that.

Oh! Just got to the karaoke place. A guy here just told me that I can't bring any outside food or drink in; that he could keep it aside until we leave -- it's the LAW. Hahahahahhahahahahahaha!!
I swear, some people are just stupid. Honestly I kinda wanted to see if I'll get arrested for bringing the rest of my frappucino into the room, but I suppose I could save that moment for when I actually blow up to something else that 'matters'. Whaling.. Oppression..
O yeah, I guess that thing about me is still the same; argumentative, short tempered.. Excrutiatingly blunt.. (poor English substitute teacher..)

Time to lose my voice now..

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