Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What's your name again?

heehee.. So, I saw an acquaintance at the mall today. A tech crew, to be precise. We changed glances, smiled.. Funny thing was, I couldn't recall his name! And just about that moment he texted me!
How lame was that? I couldn't recall his name when in actual fact we had each other's numbers! hahahahha!! And I'm sorry.. But I felt beautiful, hot and awesome at that moment. Hahahhaha!!

Another funny thing about cabin crew and tech crews.. We don't really like each other. Well, not I personally.. To me they're just as human as everybody else.. They just get more money doing maths and being bored sitting on their arses. But I don't know.. Everytime I tell a more senior crew that I am in a relationship with someone who is in the same biz as we do, they'd ask if he is a "driver" or a "waiter" -- like it's some sort of a big deal.
WHY is it a big deal??

I honestly don't know.
For one, I don't get friendly with anyone to get anything from them other than friendship. Someone to have a chat with over a drink. So I don't assume that they're expecting anything other than the same things that I do. I don't know.. My mind just works that way.
I don't care if some cabin crews thought that tech crews are silver-spoon fed, or that some tech crews thought that cabin crews are stupid. But yeah, I'm sorry fellow cabin crews.. I don't think tech crews are jack asses. People are jack asses. Generalizing people based on their profession is unfair. PEOPLE are asses.

If we are doing that, I guess I just have to admit that I am loose, frivolous, a party animal and EASY. Yeah. Let's go with that.
I am easy.

Oh okay, enough of this. Gotta go. My favourite waiter is looking all too cute that I refuse to leave him alone. heehee!

Just for notes; during the house arrest I managed to buy myself a novel and a Moleskine. ughhh! I swear, I could possibly be the easiest person to get a gift for. (Let's forget the fact that the things that I like are usually pricey.. eep!)
But yeah.. can't wait for for those to get heree!!


Anonymous said...

hey there,

i've been reading your blog for quite some time..boleh tak ko bagi aku ko nyer email address? mcm tak sesuai jer nak borak2 kat sini dlm blog ko..

btw, i really love your blog.. x sangka kwn aku jadi flight attendant.. ;)

this is mine:


ziadora SAAS

Monkey's Bunny said...

Wantan! :D
Aku dah anta email kat kau.. :)

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