Monday, April 04, 2011

My favourite Sengals.

Some time ago, in my earlier days in the airline, I had the privilege of flying with two seniors. We did a four-days trip, and I have to say it was the most memorable trip I've had.

Usually when flying with seniors, you can't help but feel a bit reserved.. Knowing that you'll be judged by the way you work.. behave..
But I was blessed.. Those two seniors were serious CLOWNS!

The supervisor had maintained the senior steward in the galley as he was the only steward in flight, but on the last day, these two seniors pushed me to become the galley steward so I could learn; assuring me that they'll teach me along the way..

So anyway, today my supervisor assigned me as galley steward. I was the most junior of the set. I was nervous as heck. I don't get to be the galley steward that often despite flying for almost two years, honestly. I was really nervous. I'd hate to screw up!

But I turned out quite alright.. I think!
And what's awesome, as we exited the aircraft once we arrived in KUL, I bumped into both of those two seniors that had taught me so much some time ago..
It feels like it's a good morning!
And last night I had spent the night in KCH with Mummy and Max!

Good days..
I love good days..
Anyway, currently I'm in transit, going to do LGK after this.. and I feel blessed. I really love days like these..

Have a good week, dear readers!

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Tak lebih sejam lepas aku post entry ni, aku tersedar aku tertinggal toolkit aku kat aircraft masa first sector. Memang cibai! Sungguh benda paling tak best pasal buat aircraft kecik ni; banyak sector, asyik tukar kapal! So kau memang bound to leave things behind. Aku lak time dah sampai tu sebok nak tukar kasut, kuar isap rokok, langsung lupa toolkit kat side compartment!! grrr
So nampaknye dalam blesses blessed aku ni, sebenarnya you simply win some and you lose some. Best satu part, hanjeng part satu lagi. Benci!

Toolkit aku dahlaa best weii! Gloves, tongs aku cantekk! Ada ice scoop lagi, siap ada torchlight Mama kasi kat aku. aghhhhh!! Memang aku tertekan!
Second time dah ni aku tertinggal toolkit. Third time hilang gloves. Syaitann!!!


s a L o m a said...

bestnya kalau dapat fly dgn mak ke..layover sama mak ke..macam kiut je eh?

terbayang ur mummy sure gila hot in kebaya! :D

Monkey's Bunny said...

"Mummy" bukan referring to mak saya.. My mom tak cukup syarat nak jadi crew.. rendang orangnye.. hihi

Mummy is actually my batchgirl, dia cam mak mak sikit.. very caring :D

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