Wednesday, April 06, 2011

To be in your plan..

Never lose sight of your dreams, because your dreams will be the goals that shape your life, the taste and the smell that that makes you want to get up and discover each new morning.
Soon you'll encounter love.. When the time comes, share that with someone who will love you, too. When you share a dream -- that's when it flowers. Solitude is a garden where the flowers have no scent, and the spirit withers.
Love is wonderful. Remember, you have to give to receive; and you have to be true to yourself if you are to love someone truly.

Just Like Heaven, Mark Levy

I saw the movie when it came out.
Only recently had I finally read the book.
It feels.. a bit odd. The book and the film are very different from one another! I suppose the adaptation was easier than trying to film the book verbatim. The movie was also.. lighter, than the actual words.

Off days..
Seems like I've been catching up on my reads lately. So much so that I had to get out and get a new book last Monday -- yet another Paulo Coelho. I think I've decided to get all of his books. Just before picking up Just Like Heaven, I was reading Cecelia Ahern's The Book Of Tomorrow. I didn't like it. I mean, it wasn't bad.. Just that I felt nothing for it. It didn't make me cry.. I have nothing to quote from it.. It's just wasn't as special as her previous works..
That's what I think anyway. You should go pick up that book and read it yourself.

Encem is away again. So all I've been doing is laze, read a book, watch some DVDs.. I'm hating it.
I was watching Blue Valentine and I couldn't help but feel so confused over it. I really can't figure out what went wrong between the two main characters. I can't figure out how two people that loves each other can be so wrong sometimes.

Anyway, my mind is so jumbled up right now.
Suppose I could try and sleep it off..


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