Saturday, April 02, 2011


This happens to me all the time.
After spending so many days/nights with Encem that my whole being is so full of him.. When he has to leave, when he's off to a trip, when he has to work, when reality hits.. It hits hard.
I hate it when he leaves..

He's my choice of drug, and now that he's gone I'm going through withdrawal..
Life goes on with or without him, but I'm usually more restless without him. I hate it. I hate that my thoughts are so full of him!
Like now, I'm wondering if he's eaten.. Wondering how his flight was, if he did anything mischievous in-flight. If something funny happened to him all the while.
I know you guys would get a kick from his stories had he blogged. He always has something amusing to tell about everything. Bloody Gemini..

Sometimes I'm glad that he has more guy friends than girls. Hahahaha!! (Or maybe he just never tells me about them? Ughh!) I am glad that he's not himself while at work. Sometimes I wonder why he hasn't got any girls falling all over his feet.

Sometimes I feel like he doesn't tell me everything. I really hate that. I hate that he's not all that he seems. Of course, that could possibly be the reason why I'm still so much into him. Apparently it's one of his tricks in keeping my interest, so I won't be bored -- he said so himself.
But still! It annoys.. and scares me a heck lot sometimes!

Anyway, I miss him.
But instead of writing him a note/letter telling him that, I decided to blog about it. I hate how he'd never reply to my little notes, furthermore seeing my notes lying around on the floor like litter. Ughh! I hate that the most!
So I'm sorry dear readers for putting you through my pathetic rants about my perfectly flawed boyfriend.

Ooh he just texted!!!!!

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