Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Getaway.

Perhaps all I needed was just that.

Currently in Swiss-Garden Damai Laut, Lumut with Dida.
Kat mana Lumut? Bukak ler atlas.. Tapi sebab zaman ni dah canggih, pegi la carik kat Google Maps.

I went to a spa for the first time today. I felt violated. I don't think I'll ever get used to having a stranger rubbing around my boobs and gluteous maximus.. with oil even!
I couldn't keep my thoughts away from the fact that they must've seen all kinds of boobs; big ones, shy ones.. Saggy ones.. Bahahahha!!

I'm missing my Monkey at the moment. (Yes, I know that it's only days ago when I went all mad-cow and say that I don't care about him.)
Perhaps it's just my Sagi nature.. Too much of anything makes one weary. Perhaps I was just sick having him around too much. Hahahhahaha!!

I'm a horrible girlfriend, honestly. A kitty cat one moment and a lioness the next.

Honestly, everyone should commend on Monkey for his patience to deal with me practically 24/7. I always wonder what he sees in me.
Perhaps he's just nuts.

The other day I was gushing about a particular supervisor to him. Heehee. Poor him having to listen about some other guy's hair and body. Bahahahah!!

I miss having a long vacay.
I'll be off to TPE on Tuesday. I'm excited, but I kinda wanted a vacation more. I like TPE. For whatever reason, I felt safe there. Even with the language barrier! -- it could turn funny sometimes.

Flights had been okay.
I managed to hang out with Julie, Debzie and Kidjie while I was in Manila. Funny to think that I had known them through the internet -- Facebook, specifically.

It was.. what, THREE years ago (almost four) when we were playing the same game on Facebook.
Amazing to think that we all (seventeen of us) still 'talk' to each other. I am not crazy about USA, but if I ever land there, I must must MUST call some people up. Heehee.

I had fun in Manila by the way. Did nothing extravagant but I enjoyed the company.

On my most recent flight, I had this lady that was on my to-AND-fro REP flight.
Once I had a guy that was on a KUA return flight because he had wanted to give something to a relative there. Pretty determined, wouldn't you say?
So I asked this lady why was she on the return flight..

Apparently she had wanted to collect the mile-points to upgrade herself to Enrich Gold. Just that!
APAKAH?!!! Gila banyak duit kau.. And takde keje ke???
Then while in transit at REP I talked to her some more at the smoking lounge. She saw what I was smoking then commented, "good".
She also mentioned that she's flying to Zurich in two days -- for work this time. So I had to ask what she does for a living.

"I work for Phillip-Morris"

HAHHAHAHAHAHHA!! No wonder lah that comment..

Anyway, I love passengers with amusing quirks.
When people asked me if I enjoy flying, these sort of people that'd make me say "yes".

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