Thursday, June 30, 2011

Temuduga terbuka!

Looking for a GIRL best friend, buat iklan, boleh?
Feels like I'm surrounded by too many boys! I am.. Confounded. Sometimes it sucks to talk to people who can't seem to FEEL as much as you do.
Macam cakap ngan dinding. Kau denga balek suara kau, lantas.. Kosong. Takde motif. Buat sakit hati lagi pun ada.

Semalam buat pertama kalinye aku keluar dengan crew di KL yang bukannya kawan Encem juga.
It felt liberating!
Aku dah lama tak melepak ngan orang yang bukan mutual friend jugak kot. Ada lah perasaan naik menyampah bila lepak ngan orang yang sama, topik perbualan yang sama..

Sorry Bestie, lately it feels as if you're more of Encem's friend than mine. Hahahhahha!

I haven't been feeling like myself. Everything is just.. Mediocre. Passion-less. For work. For love. Mediocre.
Not exactly how I pictured my life to be.
I imagined myself laughing hysterically to a joke when I'm 50.. Not living a dull, conversation-less life. I need something to look forward to. But now it feels like I'm just looking forward to death.
My heart had died a little yesterday, so what the heck!

I need a little pick-me-up.
Please God. I need the spark back into my life. Please. It's sad to not be able to remember the sound of your own laughter.

You really have to have a gift for conversation in order to win a #Sagittarius heart.Not just air-headed talk,but conversation with meaning.
(via ZodiacFacts on Twitter)

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Alif Iskandar Tareh said...

What did i do? What did i doooo? Cerita pasal motor kah? Hahaha

Monkey's Bunny said...

bukan pasal motor.
Maybe I'm just different now.

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