Friday, August 05, 2011

Kisah mak sentap diam diam..

My batch during training weren't known for anything. We were quite close-knit to each other I guess. When we got online, everyone went along with everything and anyone.. So there isn't any particular person whose famous for their "attitude" or work ethics.

So usually when someone asks me who was in my batch, I'd list out their names.. and people won't recognise any of them. Even if they did, they'd take a long pause before describing their looks.. Sometimes they got it right.

Today I flew with one of my twin-batches.. I didn't know her.. She was unfamiliar to me. She then suddenly asked if I was in the same batch as Encem.


Of all the names, she mentioned Encem!
Terkejut.. Sentap..
Why Encem??
I smiled.. Tried not to claim my "territory" by actually saying that Encem is my boyfriend. huhuuu..

I think I was jealous. I suppose I could say that I hated it when another girl uttered his name. Pshhh! Especially when the girl in question said that she had suddenly thought of him.. Hmmph!

Apparently they did a Manila nightstop together a while back, and she happened to just got back from Manila before she joined my set.
Yea yeaaa..

Anyway, I liked that girl. We yapped a lot during the flight. Good thing that she never mentioned Encem's name again afterwards. Hahahhahahahha!!

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ablen said...

suke tajuk entry~.. >.< .. anyway its gud that you're jealous.. bile kawen.. oppss... haha :p

Monkey's Bunny said...

Bila terpanggil :P

ablen said...

i see... jawapan yg bagus~.. >.<

Monkey's Bunny said...

Terima kaseh.. terima kaseh.. :)

s a L o m a said...

Heh.aku kuat jeles.mau ada yg kena lipat kalau sibuk2 tanya gatai2 merenyam hal sayangness aku.ahahahah

Monkey's Bunny said...

Hahhahaha kann.. Aku ni lak memang bukan jenis bercerita perihal intan jantung aku kat sape sapentah.. Memang keras kejung jap aku denga bila dia bilang "tetiba teringat.." Hmmph!
Walaopun aku ala ala cool je, sengih, dalam hati dah keluar dah gangster; "lu apahaalll!" Hihihi
Memang nasib baik sangatlah dia tak tetiba tanya kabar si Encem..

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