Thursday, January 19, 2012

Been a while..


I suppose you could say that I've been relatively happy lately. Hence the lack of posts; that are usually filled with my contempt with work, relationship or the world. hehe.

Oh I just noticed that I didn't say anything about Mumu's wedding!!
Somehow it feels weird to think that she's married. hahahaha! Knowing how wild and crazy she can get.. Oh well, congrats Mumu!! Would love to see the pictures soon..

Roster's been unexciting. Although I did have fun on my two trips to Penang. We've been getting a full day off in Penang on our roster this month.. and I truly enjoyed my trip. My set on the first trip was a super fun bunch. We rented a car, went to Batu Feringghi, they got on a banana boat (I wasn't dressed for the occasion.. sigh) spent the whole day driving around and had good food.

In the end we only slept for two hours before our flight the next day..
I can't complain.. I had so much fun that day!

Pay day came super early this month. Yeaah.. I needed that, but it's scary when you think about it.
I really should start saving up.


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