Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A jumble of nothings.

I know I've been quiet.
Even @azariazhar tweeted to me, sort of implied/encouraged/asked to blog. haha! Thanks for that.

To be perfectly honest, I was simply uninspired.
I haven't been flying for almost a week. I got two days off, followed by four days of standby that I wasn't called up.
So yeah.. I feel like I'm wasting away.. collecting massive fat!!

Remember a while back when I said I was at the heaviest I've ever been in my entire life?
Well, scratch that because I just got heavier. pffft!
Gemok, gemokGEMOKKKK!!!
But what frustrates me the most is that I am THIS heavy, but my clothes doesn't feel tighter or becomes out of shape; makes me feel that it's okay.. everything's alright..
But I am actually gaining weight!!!!!

Trying to make myself feel better; I'd like to say to myself that my fat has turned into muscle from all the cycling, but I know better.. I know how much (read: little) I've rode my bike.
As much as I'd like to say that I don't give a crap about the way I look -- I do care.
Let's move on, shall we? I'd rather not dwell in the idea that I might turn into Michelen one day.

It's payday today.
Funny how it's been a hot topic among my friends for the past week. It's curious how terrible our accounts are this month. I even had to use my stashed money. Good thing I have those in the first place. hehe. Bestie and I even had to change back our foreign currencies last week.
I personally like to keep them for future trips.
Oh well, I'm happy enough that I didn't have to ask for a loan from Dida. hehehe.. though the thought crossed my mind. (It's that bad, yes.)

I've recently just finished reading Paulo Coelho's By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. (It's a mouthful.) I find myself.. confused by the end of it.
The book started off with questions of love.. but by the end of it it's just something.. else. I think.
Perhaps I shouldn't have put it down so much. It was the book that I'd been carrying around during nightstops, but I didn't actually spend any time picking it up. ughhh.
Anyway, it was a good read; as all Coelho's works are..

..love is always new. Regardless of whether we love once, twice, or a dozen times in our life, we always face a brand-new situation. Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. We simply have to accept it, because it is what nourishes our existence.
-- Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

During the weekend I went to see two movies with Dida.
Wrath Of The Titans was alright. Although I must confess that I wasn't really into it as I usually would. Mostly because I was too confused with all the Greek-Gods movies that I've seen! Sure, this one is a sequel to Clash Of The Titans. But somehow I got myself confused with Prince Of Persia because Gemma Arterton was in both of the movies. Then there were Immortals which was also about a mortal.. fighting for the Gods!!
ughh.. So yeah.. I find it hard to simply focus on the movie and enjoy myself. hahaha!

Then there was Hunger Games.
Let's just say that I am SO getting the books the next time I'm at the bookstore! hahahahahha!
Sure, it's pretty much Hollywood's version of Battle Royale, but I liked it's play on emotions.. So yeah, I am getting the book!

Oh, I almost forgot to write about the potluck my friends and I had on the 19th!!
It was neat, we all rendezvoused at Mami's place and the dining table was glorious! Mami prepared the drinks, rice and vegetable soup, Mumu brought her blackpepper chicken and stir-fried veg, Encem brought his mutton curry, I came with my beef lasagne and Bestie brought a huge slab of brownies!

I tell you, we dined like the kings and queens that day!
We dubbed Bestie's brownies as "Brownies Jahat", because it was incredibly sinful, paired with the chocolate sauce that Bestie had also prepared from scratch and also vanilla ice-cream!
I'm so lucky to be surrounded by incredible beings..

Anyway, three more days to another rendezvous with friends! This time we're catching The Avengers at Pavillion!! (Yaaayy, excited for Pavillion because I can't remember when was the last time I went there. haha!)

Oh, I'm looking forward for Encem and Bestie to come back from their trips so we could play that computer game we played last night. hahahahha! They shall be sorry for introducing it to me..

And that is all from me for the time being..
Take good care of yourselves, my dear readers.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The third year..

Pejam celik pejam celik..
Today marks the third year that I've been with the company.
Funny to think back how scruffy I was that first day. With the trainer looking directly at me and said how she believed that I must've put a lot more make up during the interviews, the bitch. (Yeah, up until today I hated the idea of seeing that lady. Mostly because of her naggy voice though. haha!)

Of course, comparing myself to Mami, she was like the rainbow. Yellow and green eyeshadow with pink lipstick. Perempuan gila. But she was pretty much one of the first friend I made. You see, that first day I didn't talk much and had absolutely no idea where I could go for a smoke! So yeah.. I didn't smoke at all that first day. But the next day Mami and I talked and she brought me to LaLa Land where Encem and the rest of the smokers were already hanging around.

I remember Encem was late that first day. Luqqy told the trainer that his car broke down but we later found out that that was a lie.. He'd simply overslept, which happened again during safety class. But of course, that time Luqqy said he ate something wrong the previous night so he's by the toilet having a bad tummy ache!
That was also his birthday, I think!
Encem and Luqqy always stick together.. even the trainers knew that.

On this date three years ago..
I simply had no idea what I was getting myself into. Never thought that I'd be where I be, or gone through what I'd gone through, seen the things I'd seen, met the people that I'd met.
I am remembering stupid things that happened while on training today..

Adi and I trying to see which one of us gets annoyed with the other first..
Encem saying that girls who smoke were sexy, that one time.. Ambik hati la tu, skarang suruh quit!
Mumu and I confessed whom we had a crush on to Bestie in the car ride to the commuter train.
Bestie and I jamming our air-drums and air-guitar to Bunkface while waiting for the train.
Mami telling us that she'd met Daddy long time ago but had only gotten close recently.
Adi's Angina Pectoris.
Luqqy always with a tissue to wipe his sweat.
Mumu and Bestie were convinced that Encem was into Mami.
Mami confessed that she'd met Daddy on Facebook! hahahahha!!
Staring contests around the table at Syed. sampai mata berair!
Toyol toyol in the exam room.. Our schemes to cheat off each other in front of the instructors..

Work-wise.. we are pretty stagnant. But I am thankful, nay, grateful that I joined the company when I did. Sure I'd probably be more stable now had I joined the company earlier. But I am grateful.
You know I'd never been about the money. Sure sure life's easier with it. I won't have to blog so much about the lack of it.

But at the end of the day, it's never the things that I own that I'm thankful for..

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm bored..

Currently in my hotel room in BKI. Just two nights ago I was in Melbourne. I got my Ice Break coffee fix; drank almost two litres of it during the 24 hours stay.

Melbourne was alright. Nothing much to do other than window shop. (Sengkek!) Plus it was Easter holidays, so the bike shops that I've heard so much about were closed. Pffft!

Bloody long flight, and my leader on the way up was the naggy type. You would think that the passenger's needs should come first but to her, it's for HER job to be done first. Oh well..

I pretty much spent the day walking around in the city all by myself.. Getting lost.. Found my way back -- until I bumped into the FO in the evening!
He showed me around the area. Good kid!

I was working in business class on the way back and boy was I glad to be with an awesome team! When I thanked them for their patience and a good flight, my steward said; you can't expect a baby to run with their first step, you let them stand first then walk...
I - just - LOVED - it!!
heehee.. Thank you God! Alhamdulillah..

Oh and for the first time the other day, I Googled a passenger! Hahahahaha! Stalker mode -- ON!
Well, I was curious because this particular passenger (Caucasian male, in his 30s) was on my 737 flight not too long ago, and when I offered him the immigration form he said he didn't need one!
Anyway, I suppose I'm a curious type of person -- when I do take an interest.

Other than that, nothing much going on in my life.
I couldn't get into my work Inbox because I took too long to change my password, so.. Padan muka. I'm going to have to write an email when I get back.. Maybe. Haha!
Recurrent next week. Not looking forward to going to class.
Airport pass expiring next month. Makes me sad, thinking that last year I had it renewed with Puyen. All my favourite work-people are in widebody now. Sigh.

Btw, Cik Saloma, if you're reading this, I am going to miss reading your blog! When you put it up as Private, terasa sentap kejap.. But I suppose I get it. Tapi sekarang terasa tak best knowing that I now have one less blog to read.
Good luck in your future endeavours, and take care!!!

Countdown to payday: THIRTEEN - FRIGGIN' - DAYS!!!
I pray that it'll be earlier than that..

Friday, April 06, 2012

Wind on my face..

I enjoyed my short break from work. Wish it had been longer..
I kinda spent more than I have to, but I have no regrets! After all, I'd spend it on a bike!
Gaya hidup sihat, katanya.
As much as I'd like to join Bestie running around the park, I'm honestly not a big fan of running. hehe.

So anyway, I bought a bike right before Encem and I drove to Cherating!
And believe it or not, we spent two days there and not once did we even sat by the beach. Sangat rugi! ughhh
We went cycling at Sungai Lembing with a few friends instead. It was a murderous route for a beginner like me. Bloody hills. I turned white countless of times and was wheezing badly. (Thank you, cigarettes!)

But it was a fun day.. After the gruelling ride, we were rewarded with a cool dip in the river!
Wishing that I could have more of that in the future..

Now, on to work..
I find myself partially indifferent towards it. It's odd. Half of me is excited that I'll be flying to Melbourne tomorrow night, while the other half is wishing that I am still on holiday.

I wish to be on a break until I start to miss flying!

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