Sunday, May 06, 2012

Of weddings..

Encem and I went to his friend's wedding yesterday..

Perhaps I'm just too messed up in the head but really.. going to weddings doesn't make me anywhere inclined to have one myself.
I suppose after years of being together with the same person, getting married would be a natural progression.
I suppose.

But do I want it?
Apart from making legal of what's illegal.. make an honest woman out of me, if I could be so bold.. I don't see why I need to have it.

A friend said last night that what I have with Encem right now is our souls finding home in each other.
It sounded real nice, I had to write about it.

I can't seem to shake off my natural rebelliousness towards society's expectation for a couple to be married.
If religion does not demand it, I'm pretty certain you'll be asking yourselves "why" as well.
Simply because it's a natural progression?
If two souls entwine and chooses to be loyal and commit only to each other, why marriage becomes the natural progression?

I am not doubting that one day I will be married myself.. but maybe I won't.
I believe who ever my future spouse will be, he will have a really tough time convincing me why we should marry.

Falling in love is irrational.
Getting married is apparently a logical move, which to me sounds boring in itself.


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