Friday, June 08, 2012

Noi-Bai and back.

Thirty-something passenger on the way up to Hanoi.
I took the chance to sit at last row and enjoy the scenery. (Well, to nap at first but I stirred when I felt the aircraft took a descent. hahaha!)
As we were approaching the airport, I noticed that we were flying above the clouds! Even higher than the rain clouds that I could see the grey parts of the sky that was on rain.
And as we flew beside it, I could see a rainbow!

To see the rainbow from ABOVE it....
Sumpah sangat cool!!!!!!!
As cool as seeing the sun and the moon at a parallel.
Sangat sangat SANGAT cool!

Anyway, that's just a picture of how packed Hanoi is. It did cross my mind to take a picture of the rainbow, but I didn't want to miss enjoying it while running to fetch my phone. I suppose that's why I never considered being a photographer. I could never get the job done.

I did however chatted a bit with an actual photographer on the flight back from Hanoi. An English fella who was using Leica..
Aaaaah.. so jealous!!


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