Wednesday, June 06, 2012

What day is it?

I have totally and completely forgotten what day it is today.
Tuesday? Wednesday?
My body is totally worn out. I'd been working from the 29th with only one friggin' day off on the 4th! And tomorrow I'll be flying to Hanoi and back. uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Seriously.. last night I fell asleep before 10, managed to get about 7 hours of sleep and still I was tired!
This - never - happened - before!
I've obviously overworked my body.. *sad face*

I suppose I shouldn't have been too happy about my plentiful off-day last month.

Anyway, I still hadn't submitted my application form for the secondment. Bestie had sent his through both email AND the actual form. Talk about knowing what he wants..
Mumu doesn't seem like going anywhere. I still think of her as a newly-wed, anyway.
Encem on the other hand is not all interested, actually been looking around for other jobs than flying. *pensive face* I don't know how I feel about that one actually.

I guess I am going to miss bumping into him..?
Also worried that he might fall for someone whom he gets to see everyday..?
Yes, coming to three years -- I still worry about those petty possibilities even when I say that I don't care. pffft!

I am not enjoying this topic, so moving on..
I've been pining for a cat lately. I don't know.. growing up having one is making me miss playing and curling up with one. But I know I can't handle one at the moment though. Living in an apartment, with a job where I can't ensure that the cat gets food everyday.. It'd be cruel. *sad face lagi* Just imagining this cat mewing sadly makes my heart break.

Anyway, in my (failed) attempt to save up, I actually spent about RM200 on O.P.I products the other day! HAHAHAHHAHAHHA!! I truly suck. I just can't help myself..
But I have awesome nails now! hahahahhahha!

Oh and because I have nothing else to share, I think this is the most awesome, prettiest handbag in the world!!
Of course, it's Louboutin so I'll spare you the painful knowledge of how much this pretty.. super pretty.. 20th Anniversary Artemis Plumes Python Shoulder Bag costs.. sigh.


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