Monday, July 02, 2012


I stumbled upon an old article about Halal meats being used in McDonald's in a western country.. and how it made such a big issue.
My first thought; why the hate?
Some of the issues brought up was that slaughtering is cruel -- stunning is more humane.
There's even a comment that Muslims have middle-age notion for that.


Then I read a comment how the issue came down to Judaism and Christianity forbade both Jews and Christians from eating meat sacrificed to another God.
That made me chuckle a bit.
I suppose everyone has their beliefs. I happen to believe that there is ONE God... we just happen to call Him by different names.

And then there's one that believed pork could be Halal.
THAT was just too funny.
In case there's anyone who has no Muslim friends and is not at all familiar with Halal meat stumbled upon this entry, here's the four-one-one;

Muslims can eat meat -- only if they are slaughtered in the Muslim way.
Seafood is pretty much Halal; they have no necks to slaughter anyway.
Pork will never be Halal.
Of course there's a little more to it, like there are certain animals that we can't eat even if we slaughter it.. but I myself have forgotten a huge chuck of that, so I would simply decline any offers to crocodile or tiger's meat. Something about animals with fangs and claws and lives in two habitats..

Oh well, two goals for Spain so far..
I didn't watch a single game of this year's EURO.. How times have changed.


alipe said...

halal and muslim, a topic i expect to hear whenever im in shah alam. very my mum-ish... hahaha

Monkey's Bunny said...

awwhhh.. you know me.. I kan agak kesah about these things.
but blame "Halal pork" for this entry!! sangat sangat ridiculous koooot!

masalahnye, the comments I read on the article, one was ignorant enough to believe that with the studies of stem-cell generation and cloning, there will be a day where Halal pork would be possible.
hahahhahahahha! It's impossible to not say anything when there's people like that!

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