Saturday, September 29, 2012


I can't seem to shake off my funk.
So I am taking a few steps back.
I haven't forgiven you yet. Maybe not ever..

All these while I've only asked for a bit of sensitivity from your side.
I've tried my very best to understand you, and now I am simply growing weary of trying.
I am tired of apologizing for my own wants and needs.
This really is not what I had imagined for myself.

Promises are called promises for a reason.
I've come to terms that you tend to say things without meaning them.

I am hurt, and you have no clue.
I won't even lie to you by telling you that I'm fine.
I am not fine.
And if you had to ask why, then obviously you've learnt nothing for the past three years.

I can't help but feel that this.. us.. has an expiration date.
If my heart keeps on hurting..
I just can't keep myself in this loop forever.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Midnight shift in reception.
Of course.
I have a feeling that I'm going to be placed here a lot in the future. Mostly because this is the only position where I'd do any actual work. Not much time walking around the terminal aimlessly, chit-chatting with the check-in staff and take ten minutes smoking breaks that lasts twenty.

A tad sleep-deprived to be honest.
I came back from yesterday night's midnight shift, had breakfast with Encem, took a quick shower and headed out with Mumu until 6pm! Now here I am at work, with a mere two-hour sleep. Ada beran?
Encem finds me weird that I could keep myself awake for as long as I did.

Had good fun with Mumu.. just catching up, looked up and down for Ezra's birthday present, did our nails and had sushi for lunch -- which explains the minimal rest.
How is it that I'm barely alive trying to maintain a life? sigh.

Recently I was reminded why I had created a Tumblr account some time ago. Mostly because I was missing Lifelogger. I never knew what happened to that site. Or what happened to all the things I've posted there. Or the people that I've interacted with through the site.
Anyway, I still love the bit where I could upload songs on it. (Referring to Tumblr now.) But I'm just too old to have my thoughts scattered all over the place.

Not loving that I'm here all by myself at the moment. I could feel that my thoughts are deteriorating. I just hope that these passengers would understand my jumbled up words.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Not so random.

I was telling Bestie (yeah... whatevs *sticks out tongue*) earlier that I'd be the most-broke that I've ever been when I would have to exchange my sole Euro note that I've kept since 2006.
I think that's the second-most.
I'd be the most-broke if I had to actually ask for a loan from Dida. I already owe her loads. She pays for my stuff all the time. But I've never actually ask her for a loan. For things, sure. But for food, never. *sigh*
I hope that day would never come.

Encem is basically supporting me this past week. Thank God that I have him around. I thank God that he'd offered to help me out because honestly I wouldn't know how to ask. I could joke to him about how other girls gets "pocket money" from their boyfriends but I could never really ask him for it.
Even Bestie's been helping me out.
Dear God, I hope I won't fall to my death tomorrow! I need to pay back all my debts first, please.

Remember how a while back I was telling you about an ex who got married, and the other one was engaged? So.. the one who was engaged tied the knot last weekend. I'm having mixed feeling over it. After all, he'd been my middle-man when we go to weddings of our friends; he'd socialize with other people while I just tag along him.
That's how I am at weddings anyway. Because I hate going to weddings. I need to have someone close to hide behind.

And to be completely honest with you.. I've always thought of him as my back-up guy.
Yes, boys.. Most girls (if not all) always have somebody that they thought of as a "back-up".. If everything (read: everyone) else fails.
I've met other guys.. dated a few.. but this one remained as my back-up. Not because that I've been secretly in love with him, nothing like that. He simply seemed.. like the safest choice. I feel bad for thinking of him that way, after all he's a wonderful person. In a way I am glad that he's off the market. And I am very happy that he's found the one.
I am just.. confused, ever so slightly. Feels like I'd lost a really good friend. And I didn't go to his wedding, by the way.
I hadn't been to five of my good friends' wedding. I shouldn't call myself as anybody's friend really.

Anyway, I don't feel like I am anywhere close to getting married. Not really in a rush. Still not completely convinced if I want to. But I can definitely say that I feel the pressure.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Alif sucks!

Dear Bestie,

I am demoting you from "bestfriend" to a mere mortal friend.
Just so you know.
You suck!
*sticks out tongue*

Yours truly,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cigar smokes and business talks.

Hello again.

I am at reception today which means blogging on company's time. Yayyy! Bahahahahha!!

Nothing much going on really. I came in late for the first time today. Encem woke me up at 6:35 -- and I was supposed to come in at 7:00! So.. yeah.. Guess I'm going to have to stay past my scheduled work time. pfft!
Work's been slow.. boring..
I miss flying.
Especially since I had an awesome set of crew last week! I love the crazies..

My holiday too was awesome. Encem and Bestie couldn't make it so my sister and I had a good girl's time out. Sure, eleven days stuck with Dida bound to cause some friction. Bahahahha! But that's just how we are. Quarrel now, make up an hour later.

We spent four days in Ho Chi Minh shopping and walking around. We went to the Cu Chi Tunnels in one of those days. That was pretty neat. I suppose it's hard to go there and not feel amazed by the Vietnamese will to live and fight for their rights/freedom. Like seriously.. can you imagine all those years living in a hole in the ground??
And apparently the ones who were allowed to come out were the fighters. So yeah, unless you're willing to die -- just be glad that you could LIVE underground.

Halal food is not hard to find in Ho Chi Minh, but they are expensive in comparison. Can't blame them, Islam is not that popular around Indochina.

Then we flew to Bangkok, where we took a cab straight to Pattaya. Spent a couple of days there. Surprised to see Premium Outlet; where I bought a La Senza nighty for 220 Baht! Score! heehee.
The taxi (a makeshift truck that acts as a bus, really) around Pattaya was damn cheap. Basically if you just hopped onto one, you'll have to pay 20 Baht per person -- even if the ride actually takes 20 minutes! If you hire one for "private" use, as in no sharing with other people; no stops in between the time you were picked up and your destination, it'll cost you 150 Baht.
Halal food in Pattaya; perhaps we were simply out of luck, but damn! Pretty much all of the ones we saw were closed!

Our day in Bangkok was nothing more than short. We might have to go there again to actually experience the culture other than the horrible traffic jam. The foodcourt in MBK Mall has a few selection of Halal stalls so that was awesome! (Always bear in mind that it's not going to be cheap!)
We did manage to have a look at the Arab Street, and yes, I will never enjoy places (or even flights!) where Arabs are involved! hahahahaha!
You might call that racist, but I call it profiling. So suck it!

Our last leg of the trip was to Phuket -- it was awesome!
Mostly because the hotel we were staying in had pool access! Bahahahha! Open the sliding door and simply jump into the pool! yippeee! Turned out that the beaches were too dangerous to swim in anyway. Unless you're an experienced swimmer, with no worry of the strong currents. My sister and I weren't that confident so we settled with the pool and just waded by the ocean.

Basically we had an awesome trip. Managed to visit all the Hard Rock Cafes that had sparked this trip in the first place! hahahahha! yeah, I know how ridiculous it sounds, to go on a trip simply because we are HRC collectors. Me with the pins, Dida with her tees. But it's awesome that we have this shared hobby. *grins*

Anyway, my time here is up! yaaayyyz! I love how writing kills my time here at the lounge.
Perhaps I'll upload some pictures when I get home later. Just perhaps..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Yes, I'm back in town.
Back from my holiday.
Back from my flying week.
Back to my bloody work at the stupid lounge.

Still not in the mood to write though. I just got the chance to upload some Eid pictures on Facebook. It took me almost half a day.. so it's going to take me a lot longer to update anything on my holiday!
Just thought I'd say hello to those of you who actually drop by to see if there is any update in here.
Sorry to disappoint.
But I promise to write something sometime along the week.

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