Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Midnight shift in reception.
Of course.
I have a feeling that I'm going to be placed here a lot in the future. Mostly because this is the only position where I'd do any actual work. Not much time walking around the terminal aimlessly, chit-chatting with the check-in staff and take ten minutes smoking breaks that lasts twenty.

A tad sleep-deprived to be honest.
I came back from yesterday night's midnight shift, had breakfast with Encem, took a quick shower and headed out with Mumu until 6pm! Now here I am at work, with a mere two-hour sleep. Ada beran?
Encem finds me weird that I could keep myself awake for as long as I did.

Had good fun with Mumu.. just catching up, looked up and down for Ezra's birthday present, did our nails and had sushi for lunch -- which explains the minimal rest.
How is it that I'm barely alive trying to maintain a life? sigh.

Recently I was reminded why I had created a Tumblr account some time ago. Mostly because I was missing Lifelogger. I never knew what happened to that site. Or what happened to all the things I've posted there. Or the people that I've interacted with through the site.
Anyway, I still love the bit where I could upload songs on it. (Referring to Tumblr now.) But I'm just too old to have my thoughts scattered all over the place.

Not loving that I'm here all by myself at the moment. I could feel that my thoughts are deteriorating. I just hope that these passengers would understand my jumbled up words.


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