Friday, November 09, 2012

I hate doctors.

The nerve of them sometimes.

So it's flu season. Pretty typical in the monsoon, I guess. Really hot during the day, followed by heavy rain in the evening. Good thing we weren't made of stone or we would've crumbled into sands..
Okay, I'm crapping.

Been having the flu for five days now. I guess it's getting better. Ever so slightly.
Took medical leave on my HYD flight on Wednesday. Not too happy with that since I appreciate all the flights I can get but my nose were completely blocked!
When I asked for leave, the doctor totally pissed me off when he said, "okay what, take the meds and in two hours you'll be fine."
I didn't really mean to raise my voice, (that's a lie) when I said, "manaaa.. tak pernah.. Never happen!"
Honestly, kang aku kata tak gi skolah, marah.. But sometimes these panel doctors are just too dumb to be doctors!

I think I know my body better than some doctor I've only met twice, thank you very much.
As far as flu meds goes.. NONE of them ever make me sleep.
The flu meds that my dad swears on; he takes a half of it and he'd be sleeping in half an hour. I took it whole, and it does NOTHING on me!
My sleep-troubles are that bad, I guess.
So yeah, two hours.. MY ASS!

I took my meds before I got into my pick up for my RGN flight this morning, and my nose were runny the whole day!
And all the way I was wishing having that bloody doctor all tied up at the last row of the aircraft with a runny nose.. Dua jam, TOK MU!

Anyway, times like these I am glad I'll be at the lounge come Monday. I finished my flight four hours ago and I still can't hear a thing coming in from my left ear. Really, flu and flight just don't mix! They're murder. Just thinking about the pulsing headache during the descent is giving me the shivers.


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