Monday, December 17, 2012

Of Birthdays & Books

I'd say Mumu and I are lucky for being born in the same month that we get to have a potluck get together to celebrate our birthday! ..and we all got the same off day on a weekend! Such a rare thing..
Mumu prepared a load of fried finger foods and drinks, Mami brought spaghetti, I brought Tony Roma's ribs (too lazy to prepare my lasagna) and Bestie brought Secret Recipe's brownie.. because his mom's oven broke! sigh..

Oh and I love the presents Mami and Bestie got me!
Thank you thank you thank youuuu!

Then earlier today I finally got myself to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. The place was HUUGE but I couldn't find much really. Or at least I couldn't find the books that I was thinking of getting..
"Couldn't find much" translates as ten books.. HAHHAHAHHA!
Cookbooks goes for around 20-30 Ringgit.. Novels are mostly RM8.
I suppose it's better to go with an open mind.. Not really looking for anything specific because trying to search for it would be a nightmare! So today's total damage was about RM100.. and I completely forgot to use the RM10 off voucher that I got just before entering the hall!

I mean, what was that?? Feels like my mind is deteriorating..
But Encem just coolly said, "then maybe we'll go there again.."
hmmm.. Maybe. If payday comes early. I really hope that it does because I'm grasping for air again..

Gahh!! I hate how this is a constant trouble of mine at the end of every month.
It's like I'm twenty-eight and I never learn..


Suzy Effendi said...

big bad wolf. Nak pegi!!! (T_T) nk cari cook book best2.

Monkey's Bunny said...

sempat pegi tak?

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