Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Kota Kinabalu's Rock Shop is now open and it's only 15 minutes walk from our dingy new hotel! (15 minutes because crossing the freeway was imperative -- the word "safe" does not come to mind when thinking about this new hotel.)

And earlier, a Korean fella stared at me while my colleagues and I were smoking outside the lobby. He was standing right next to me but he was staring that I had to give him a questioning look and said, "Yes?" (My colleagues laughed at this.)
The fella just shook his head a few times, lit his cigarette and stared a little bit more.
So yeah, I don't do well with people invading my personal space. That dude would've gotten much much more than a single word from me had my colleagues did not distract me as they laughed.

Anyway, the new Rock Shop isn't on the Rewards Program yet but that did not stop me from getting a new pin for my collection! I figured I could always come back again anyways. Plus, I HAVE to go back to get Dida's t-shirt for her collection. "Medium" was out of stock, and buying large seemed a bit too much considering Dida had lost so much weight over the past few months!
Nothing else is new in life..
It's 2013 and I feel exactly the same.
I just hope that things will be better.. before I lose myself completely.


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