Monday, January 21, 2013

Want and Need.

I believe, there is a huge difference between needing and wanting to be with someone.
To need gives you no choice. For what ever reason, you must be with the person. It's almost pragmatic.. or calculative.
To want is a choice. A choice that you made each day.. to stay.

See, I don't need you.
And wanting you can change.



babe... aku selalu rasa sedih baca blog ko... byk kwn2 aku dh jumpa happy ending with life partners tp ko masih bersedih2.... aku pon rasa sedih weyh..

one thing 1 really dont understand though; U ARE SO DAMN ATTRACTIVE SO WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK?? it sounds like he doesnt deserve you and your love.....

c'mon babe... look in the mirror...

lotsa love,


Anonymous said...

just dump his ass already lol

Monkey's Bunny said...

hahahha alahai..
it makes me sad reading the comments..
yes, he may or may not deserve me.
but I still want him, unfortunately.

okay, this is going to turn into a whole blog entry, so I might as well just blog about it :)

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