Monday, February 18, 2013


Can I say that I love myself when I'm in this mood?
Well, things been good and I could easily say that I'm happy.
So naturally, I'm afraid. This feeling doesn't stick too long most of the time. But I'm hoping..
I really love the way I am feeling.

Even when I am blogging this at the lounge.
I am wide-eyed, you have no idea how scary that looks to other people. hahaha!
I figured three cups of coffee would do that to a person. A relatively normal person, anyway.
My nails are green; looks pretty good with the uniform. (I might post a picture later since I'm ALL about nails lately.)

Apparently my Tumblr looks like a make-up blog now, according to Bestie.

Anyway, I'm feeling good.. that's pretty much all I wanted to say.
Have a great week everyboddeh!

Oh! I should probably blog about my flying week next.


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