Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kepala pusing.

Oh hey! Finally I get the chance to have an update of some sort.
I didn't sleep at all last night. Coming home at almost one.. seemed a bit pointless to try to get any sleep when I need to wake up at four.
It's times like this when I'm glad that I am not operating on any flight today.

So I'm at the domestic lounge today. Kris Dayanti just walked in half an hour ago, looking gorgeous. (But a little too much makeup. So when I say "gorgeous", I meant her bod! hahahha) I'm trying to shake off the embarrassment of asking for a picture together. I'm not wearing a good bra, or my good pair of uniform so I'd look unshapely standing next to her! (Oh heck, I just don't feel attractive today.)
But Mencintaimu is my must-sing song everytime I go to karaoke!
So we'll see..

If you're a friend on my Facebook, you've probably seen my status that I will no longer be in the lounge next month -- meaning that I'll be a full-time flight crew once again! Yippeee!
So glad that our time in purgatory has ended. (Well, I have one more day to get through tomorrow.) Honestly not everything that has happened is bad. I've made new acquaintances, learnt a bit of the system.. and really, I wouldn't have met half of these people if we weren't stuck in this together. It gets a little sad thinking that we won't be able to hang out as often after this.
But really.. I'm very glad to only have my flights to bitch about after this! hahhaha

Like I said.. Unattractive. sigh.

Six hours to go.. God have mercy on me.

Friday, March 22, 2013

When in Jakarta...

My set were basically people who were at the lounge as well.. so we got along pretty well. They were actually doing a few days trip, and I only joined them for the Jakarta flight. One actually asked me if I'd taken my medicine as I got on the airfcraft. Yeah.. well.. these people know how nutty I can get.

One of my stewardess is getting married this year, so we went to ITC Mangga Dua so she could look at some stuff for the wedding while Syam (my fellow Tea & Coffee Ambassador! hahhahha!) and I browsed at nothing in particular.
Naturally, "nothing in particular" ends up in a haul!!

I got handbags for Dida and Encem's Mama for Rp50,000 each. (Roughly RM16 -- bargain!) I got myself a black clutch for Rp60,000. A pair of flats; Rp35,000, a couple corsets and some makeup stuff that are not in the picture. A friend of mine gave me a brow liner some months ago and I just LOVE it! So of course, I need back-ups for it.

At some point, we were looking at wedding dresses and I couldn't take my eyes off of this one;

So pretty!!! It's yellow, I definitely wouldn't wear it.. but the design was exquisite! Lace at the top and a luscious bottom. So.. so pretty. The shop lady said it is Rp7.5 million. That's RM2,400. For a wedding dress.. that doesn't seem a lot. I'm pretty sure that's the cost of renting that sort of dress around here anyway.
So pretty!

We were walking some more then I saw this!

A pair of butt-looking panties! I couldn't help myself but laughed out loud. It was scary and intriguing at the same time. Syam said it looked "sexy", the pervert! I laughed again, of course. Basically this is a padded panties that you wear so your butt looks fuller. Lebih mantop! hahhahahha!
The idea of putting on an additional butt is too scary for me so NO, I didn't get it. hahahha!

One more flight before my flying week ends and hell starts again.
So I'm going to enjoy this two days off and sleep as much as I can!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Spent pretty much the whole of yesterday sleeping!
A shame, really. Especially when I'm not particularly fond of sleeping to begin with. Feels like I've wasted a chunk of my life!
But I was back in Shah Alam and it was so damn HOT!! -- before it was pouring rain, that is.
Funny how an English couple asked me how the weather in LGK was just before the flight.. I told them that the captain said it's good and sunny -- for now, I added. They laughed.
And as we arrived in Langkawi, it rained quite heavily.. so we laughed some more.
You can never tell the weather these days.

HKG was chilly from the breeze. I liked the weather. It's like a rainy day in Malaysia, minus the rain. My crew and I went up The Peak. It was my second time up there, but first time by bus. The ride was pretty nerve-wrecking. Scarier than by tram because of the winding road and low tree branches. (It was a double decker bus!)
The view was incredible.. I would've enjoyed it more if I wasn't too scared of heights. (And I am a flight crew.. life couldn't be more ironic than that.)

Afterwards we split up, my supervisor went back to the hotel because it was getting too cold for him (he only had a shirt on), my steward/ess went looking for prey and my stewardess followed me walking around the shopping area.
We got back to the hotel around eight.. and of course, with quite a haul.

Some were mine, one was for Dida, and I got a little something for Mumu and Mami as well.
I got myself an HRC pin from The Peak.. mostly because there hasn't been any addition to my collection for months, which I thought was sad. I also bought a pair of skirt, jegging, a sweater and a muffler. (It was really thick and long and costs only RM20!) Then at the drugstore, I got a Bourjois foundation that I've been meaning to try out -- the brand is unavailable in Malaysia, so I was really hoping to find it in HK. So glad that I did! Also Revlon's Color Silk hair colour in Deep Burgundy, that costs RM17! Total bargain.
Oh, I also got a matte nail top coat from Sasa. Never heard of the brand but I've been looking for one in ages, so what the heck!

Oh yes, I've been having a little trouble with shopping lately. (Lately?)
It's more like "I can't quiet down my wants."

Anyway, back from flight I spent the night with Dida.. went to see Warm Bodies which was surprisingly enjoyable! We felt like watching something light, and the trailer seemed a bit goofy. We both got out of the cinema with smiles on our faces and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
I honestly really liked it. I might even loved it.
I can honestly say that it is now my favourite zombie-movie, closely followed by Shaun Of The Dead. (yepp, I am only into zombie-movies if they're funny.)

So now I'm back in Bukit Jalil. Coloured my hair and barely recognized myself. Turns out "Deep Burgundy" looks "Practically Black" on me so it felt a bit unnatural when I am so used to seeing myself with brown hair. Even my natural dark hair looks brown under the light while this one just looks.. black.
Feels like I should get a black lipstick and go all Gothic.
Oh well, at least it covers my grey hairs.

That's it for now. I feel like I should stare into my drawers so I could figure out what to bring for my Jakarta trip tomorrow.
Be safe, dear readers.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Free internet.

Helloooooo Hong Kong!
Oh yes, this post comes to you all the way from Hong Kong! Fancy, huh?
The time now is a quarter past one and I have a double-shot coffee in front of me. heh. Stupid machine didn't have any labels for the buttons so I'd pushed the button for espresso unknowingly.
Oh well, what can you do?

I was late for my flight's briefing on Wednesday. Daily KCH flight.
I came down for my pick-up at 0625. Sat on my trolley bag.. fixed my make up a bit.. stared at the cars passing by as its driver made their way to work..
Then something made me want to look at my flight details; STD -- 0825! Which meant that my pick-up was at 0525!!!

So I called Encem, woke him from his sweet slumber, asked him to send me to the airport. Oh sigh, dear God, bless that boy. Then I called the duty officer to inform my colleagues that I'd got my time wrong. (Briefing was at 0655!)
Nak dijadikan cerita, Encem needed to fill the tank of his car and didn't bring his wallet (too sleepy to think) and I only had a few Ringgit in my purse. We drove to BHP, but the doors were still locked. Drove to Shell, same thing! Good thing there was a Maybank just opposite of the gas station so Encem drove the car like a rally driver, I jumped out of the car to get to the ATM, jumped back into the car and we drove back to Shell.
When I got to the airport, I looked at the departures screen and saw that the aircraft was parked at B11!! Way at the end of the terminal. Baguslah, nak dijadikan cerita lah kan..
Anyway, I got to the aircraft about 10 minutes before the passengers board which was just enough time for me to change into my sandals and stow my bag.
Oh! And instead of being an assist crew, I was Primary 4 -- because I was the only girl in the set! Gahh!

The flight itself was uneventful -- thank God! Enough drama for one morning.

Okay. Nothing else to share. Honestly, I really do feel that I am much more eloquent when describing sadness. hahahha! That is almost depressing.
I'm looking forward to daybreak. Pretty excited to walk around the city though I'm not really sure what I want to do/see. It's been a year since I was here last. Last time I was excited about being able to shop at H&M and visit the Hard Rock Cafe. But I'd already visited the one in Lan Kwai Fong and also The Peak.. and there are H&M in Kuala Lumpur now.

Perhaps I'll let you know what I ended up with in my next entry.

Oh, I forgot to bring my make-up remover wipes. (Loving Simple's wipes, by the way! I've used Nivea's since I joined the airline -- because I am LAZY.. but I tried Simple's late last year and I ADORE it!) So happens that the one I had in my bag ran out on the last night of my previous trip and it completely slipped my mind to chuck a new pack into my bag yesterday.
So I'll be going McGyver-ish and use the hotel's complimentary lotion to remove my make up tonight.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Not really..
Just enjoying myself for the most part.

Yesterday's flight was super tiring. It was only BKK and back but it was full load and we were short of crew. (What's new?) I didn't enjoy the company of one of the stewards I had. He talks big, as if he's the awesomest (no, that's not a word) person in the whole wide world!
Out of ten things that came out from his mouth, I'd probably listened to two.

On the way back we had a bunch of locals coming back from a company vacation. At one point I was pushing my cart because it was already full, and while these passengers were trying to catch my attention to make a request, I just told them to wait a bit and that I'll come back in a jiffy.
Then I heard this one fella said, "itulaa, dulu suruh belajar pandai pandai tak nak.."
I'd much rather hit him with one of the tea/coffee jugs, but what came out of my mouth was simply, "wow, biadapnye.."
And later the same fella had the nerve to ask me where I was from.. pffft! And he thinks he's smart.

Would it be racist to confess here that I never liked flying with a bunch of locals? They always have this kind of attitude as if they deserve more than the rest. And they're rarely ever kind. Which is weird! Because I'm pretty sure they were taught to be polite at least.

Anyway, my back aches. I suppose I was never fully rested from my days at the lounge. Out of the ten days there, I was doing Meet & Greet for eight! That is a LOT of walking. I'm not really complaining, I like that task. At least I don't have to stand around like an eejit in the lounge.
Then last weekend I was mall-hopping with Dida. We basically went to EIGHT friggin' malls on Saturday alone! Since she had lost so much weight, she needed to find a new pair of everything. I am happy for her. From size 18/20.. she can now fit into a size 12! She's incredible. She said that she aims for size 10, and maybe then she'll start eating carbs again.

I don't think I could ever say no to potatoes. And coffee.
I'm at my heavy/chunky-phase at the moment. I blame rice.. indirectly Encem, because he's the one who cooks them! You'll never see me cook rice. Well, maybe you will. I have no problem cooking rice, but I never knew how to prepare all the things that goes along with it.
But I've been to Starbucks a LOT lately. Which is sucky in its awesome way. I really ought to cut down on those. Sugar.. carbs.. bad bad BAD!!

Okay, nothing else to share. I have a pretty early pick-up tomorrow.
Hope you guys are having  a good week!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Oy, I'm getting old.

It's flying week! Yippeee!
I'm back from a three-nights KCH trip, and my whole body aches. Can't wait to hit the showers.. right after I peel off this pore strip I have on. Can't wait to lather on my off-day bodywash and shampoo.
Yes, I have an off-day bodywash and shampoo. I refuse to use it for everyday because they smell too good; so I save them for special occasions -- like off days! hahahhha!

Seems like my grey hair is spreading. Used to be just at the front part of my hair (like Rogue), now they're at the sides too! aghhhh! That really bugs me. Guess it's time to hit the saloon.. Maybe after pay day. Or maybe I'll use one of those DIY kits this time. I don't know.. I'll decide later.

Flights hadn't been eventful. They're all alright, but nothing much to talk about.

Damn stupid pore strip just made me cry.
Oh, that's my cue for soapy-time!
Perhaps I'll write some more later.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

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