Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Not really..
Just enjoying myself for the most part.

Yesterday's flight was super tiring. It was only BKK and back but it was full load and we were short of crew. (What's new?) I didn't enjoy the company of one of the stewards I had. He talks big, as if he's the awesomest (no, that's not a word) person in the whole wide world!
Out of ten things that came out from his mouth, I'd probably listened to two.

On the way back we had a bunch of locals coming back from a company vacation. At one point I was pushing my cart because it was already full, and while these passengers were trying to catch my attention to make a request, I just told them to wait a bit and that I'll come back in a jiffy.
Then I heard this one fella said, "itulaa, dulu suruh belajar pandai pandai tak nak.."
I'd much rather hit him with one of the tea/coffee jugs, but what came out of my mouth was simply, "wow, biadapnye.."
And later the same fella had the nerve to ask me where I was from.. pffft! And he thinks he's smart.

Would it be racist to confess here that I never liked flying with a bunch of locals? They always have this kind of attitude as if they deserve more than the rest. And they're rarely ever kind. Which is weird! Because I'm pretty sure they were taught to be polite at least.

Anyway, my back aches. I suppose I was never fully rested from my days at the lounge. Out of the ten days there, I was doing Meet & Greet for eight! That is a LOT of walking. I'm not really complaining, I like that task. At least I don't have to stand around like an eejit in the lounge.
Then last weekend I was mall-hopping with Dida. We basically went to EIGHT friggin' malls on Saturday alone! Since she had lost so much weight, she needed to find a new pair of everything. I am happy for her. From size 18/20.. she can now fit into a size 12! She's incredible. She said that she aims for size 10, and maybe then she'll start eating carbs again.

I don't think I could ever say no to potatoes. And coffee.
I'm at my heavy/chunky-phase at the moment. I blame rice.. indirectly Encem, because he's the one who cooks them! You'll never see me cook rice. Well, maybe you will. I have no problem cooking rice, but I never knew how to prepare all the things that goes along with it.
But I've been to Starbucks a LOT lately. Which is sucky in its awesome way. I really ought to cut down on those. Sugar.. carbs.. bad bad BAD!!

Okay, nothing else to share. I have a pretty early pick-up tomorrow.
Hope you guys are having  a good week!



Wanie! what happened to the rude dude???

i do concur with you on that notion. when i did my time as a salesgirl at MNG, the locals were damn nasty as if bagus sgt... and looked at me as if im too dumb and ended up with the job... Wahlaweeeyh.... x penah dgr ke budak Uni keje suka suki cari pocket money?

Monkey's Bunny said...

Mr Rude: Wanie orang mana?
W: Orang mana? Saya orang Malaysia! *cheerfully with fist in the air*

Half the cabin (his colleagues) laughed.

His friends were nice to me, so I didn't think to spoil everyone's mood by giving a lecture how I do this job because I want to.

I suppose it goes with the territory of being in the service industry.
Hakikatnya, nak kacang kene mintak stewardess.. kedekut sangat nak pegi beli sendiri.


hhahahahahaa.... bengong punya mamat... i know ppl are kinda skeptical when we are in the service industry as if we are too stupid and ended with this job... but c'mon! it is far better than behind a desk job ok...

asalkan rezeki halal kan... btw, i can imagine you saying the part "Orang mana? Orang M'sia!" hahahaha...

*babe, suddenly i recalled something nice you did for me when we are at Ahmadsyah's house for Raya... you remember? the idiot who thinks he's funny and you made sarcastic laughs at his stupid jokes..

Monkey's Bunny said...

Thank you for reminding me..
Not sure if it was something "nice" when I was being so mean..
I still am, mean. hahahahhaha!!

Sarcasm should be my middle name.

s a L o m a said...

Automatik bila kau cakap locals,dalam kepala aku dh bayang pak arab!hahahhahah then baru pick up yg kau bahasakan org malaysia kita :P

Monkey's Bunny said...


Saloma aimishuuu!!
Nak baca your old blog posts pun dah takleh :(

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