Monday, March 18, 2013


Spent pretty much the whole of yesterday sleeping!
A shame, really. Especially when I'm not particularly fond of sleeping to begin with. Feels like I've wasted a chunk of my life!
But I was back in Shah Alam and it was so damn HOT!! -- before it was pouring rain, that is.
Funny how an English couple asked me how the weather in LGK was just before the flight.. I told them that the captain said it's good and sunny -- for now, I added. They laughed.
And as we arrived in Langkawi, it rained quite heavily.. so we laughed some more.
You can never tell the weather these days.

HKG was chilly from the breeze. I liked the weather. It's like a rainy day in Malaysia, minus the rain. My crew and I went up The Peak. It was my second time up there, but first time by bus. The ride was pretty nerve-wrecking. Scarier than by tram because of the winding road and low tree branches. (It was a double decker bus!)
The view was incredible.. I would've enjoyed it more if I wasn't too scared of heights. (And I am a flight crew.. life couldn't be more ironic than that.)

Afterwards we split up, my supervisor went back to the hotel because it was getting too cold for him (he only had a shirt on), my steward/ess went looking for prey and my stewardess followed me walking around the shopping area.
We got back to the hotel around eight.. and of course, with quite a haul.

Some were mine, one was for Dida, and I got a little something for Mumu and Mami as well.
I got myself an HRC pin from The Peak.. mostly because there hasn't been any addition to my collection for months, which I thought was sad. I also bought a pair of skirt, jegging, a sweater and a muffler. (It was really thick and long and costs only RM20!) Then at the drugstore, I got a Bourjois foundation that I've been meaning to try out -- the brand is unavailable in Malaysia, so I was really hoping to find it in HK. So glad that I did! Also Revlon's Color Silk hair colour in Deep Burgundy, that costs RM17! Total bargain.
Oh, I also got a matte nail top coat from Sasa. Never heard of the brand but I've been looking for one in ages, so what the heck!

Oh yes, I've been having a little trouble with shopping lately. (Lately?)
It's more like "I can't quiet down my wants."

Anyway, back from flight I spent the night with Dida.. went to see Warm Bodies which was surprisingly enjoyable! We felt like watching something light, and the trailer seemed a bit goofy. We both got out of the cinema with smiles on our faces and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
I honestly really liked it. I might even loved it.
I can honestly say that it is now my favourite zombie-movie, closely followed by Shaun Of The Dead. (yepp, I am only into zombie-movies if they're funny.)

So now I'm back in Bukit Jalil. Coloured my hair and barely recognized myself. Turns out "Deep Burgundy" looks "Practically Black" on me so it felt a bit unnatural when I am so used to seeing myself with brown hair. Even my natural dark hair looks brown under the light while this one just looks.. black.
Feels like I should get a black lipstick and go all Gothic.
Oh well, at least it covers my grey hairs.

That's it for now. I feel like I should stare into my drawers so I could figure out what to bring for my Jakarta trip tomorrow.
Be safe, dear readers.


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