Sunday, September 29, 2013


Perhaps some of you might have got the gist from my Instagram, I was a victim of a snatch crime yesterday morning. You know, all this while you've read and heard of it in the news.. I find being the person in this sort of story kinda surreal.

It happened right in front of my apartment compound.. Just next to Dida's car with her waiting inside. It happened so quickly and like I said, surreal.

It was a man on a motorbike, snatched my sling bag and rode off the opposite direction of the road. I suppose the speed of it made me spun on the spot and fell elbows first on the ground. I guess I should be thankful that my arms cought most of my weight.

Dida screamed quite hysterically, which now I find funny. She's being super protective of me now but I don't see how that's helpful. It could happen to anyone really. Some people are just rotten to the core, you can't really avoid from these sort of things happening.

To be honest I feel kinda bad for Dida.. She saw the whole thing right in front of her. Sure it sucks being the actual victim of the crime, but to see your loved being the victim and not be able to do anything while it happened? I think that sucks even worse.

I'm not sure if the incident has left me traumatized.. I doubt anything could ever make me not want to go out! But I can't stop my mind from replaying the incident over and over again. Feels like I could've done more.. Hold on to my bag a little more stronger.. Stand sideways when I saw the motorbike approaching.. Opened the car's door a little sooner.. Jogged towards my sister's car.. Snapped the motorbike's registration number..
I really wished that the whole thing was a dream.. I can't stop wanting a do-over because honestly, I am pissed!
I want my things back!!

I want my Billabong bag back, I want the Coach wristlet that Dida gave me back, I want the Moleskine journal that Alif got me for last year's birthday back, I want the awesome pair of shades that I got for RM 8 in Debenhams back, I want my cigarette case back, I want my two Bourjois lip crayons back! I want them back!!
Bloody snatcher will never have a quiet life. I curse him 'til the day that I die.. I hope he'll spend the rest of his life with an excrutiating cancer then die a violent death! A bloody accident on the way to the hospital, perhaps.
I don't care.. He won't ever live an easy life for causing me pain.
I can't imagine myself ever forgiving him.

But I am grateful that I came out of it with minor cuts and bruises on my elbows and knee. Grateful that my head (or face!) never touched the ground. Grateful that I had my phone in my hand or I'd be completely lost for not having anybody's number memorized.
Things could be worse, and I am grateful that that was not the case.

Having lost my things did not make me cry. I am sad, yes but mostly angry. But seeing the look on my family's face.. That made me tear up!

Anyway, I am currently in Osaka.. Just returned from Rinku Outlet buying things that I spent with the money Mama lent me, despite everything. Hahhaha! But man, I've got a LOT to do when I get back!! Gahhh!


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