Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello December #12!

This has got to be my favourite product(s) of this year;

I love the whole Soap & Glory bodycare products, really. Just can't keep away from the shelf in Sephora and Boots (Bangkok)!
Their Pink scent especially is just my current favourite scent. So naturally, whatever product that comes in that scent -- I gotta have!

I'm especially pleased by the fact that they make mini travel sizes so I can always smell like S&G products where ever I go. Unfortunately though, my toiletries bag too smells of them now because my tube of Glad Hair Day broke and spilled all over!
The stuff aren't exactly cheap in Sephora though, so I always look forward to get a layover in Bangkok where I could get the awesome deals from Boots!

Anyway, this awesome box of goodness is retailed at RM 78 at Sephora. (If you get the travel sizes on its own, it's RM 19 each if I'm not mistaken..) So not much difference there but this set would be a brilliant and easy gift for anyone in your life!


Tina said...

Haven't read ur posts in a while, and suddenly I'm bombarded by beauty products! I was a bit lost for a sec there, thinking I stumbled upon a beauty blog! Haha. But I also can't resist splurging in Sephora like EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Loving the beauty haul posts ;)

Monkey's Bunny said...

Bahahahaha I know, right. I have no idea why I am so into beauty stuff the second half of this year! It's madness!

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