Monday, December 02, 2013

Hello December #2!

Not going to talk about make-up today, but something else that makes you feel good and a bit special -- at least it does to me!

I love these IKEA candles.. Especially since most of them smelled of food! hahaha! My favourite is the vanilla scented, and the cinnamon is a close second.
I love sweet scents so this two are simply winners in my book! (I also love a good apple pie, so.. I suppose it made sense.)
I also have the tea lights in the green apple scent (wish they had a proper name!) but they are more "fresh" than sweet so I just keep coming back to vanilla.

If only they burn a little better. I am always left with a good amount of chunk that simply wouldn't burn off! I think I might go to a craft store and get some wicks and re-make these candles with all the leftovers.

I wish we had Bath & Body Works over here. I would love to not go crazy when I see them while travelling! (I keep finding myself stocking up on the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent.)


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