Thursday, December 26, 2013

Naked 3

Lets talk about my new love..

Urban Decay came out with a new Naked palette earlier this month and all I could think about was -- MUST - HAVE - IT!!

I had wanted to buy the Naked 2 palette a few months ago and it seems to be forever out of stock at all the Sephora in Klang Valley! It's alright though, now that I got my hands on Naked 3!

This palette comes with twelve rosey-hued shades, while its two predecessor were more bronze-shade. I don't mind either but I must say that I love these girly nude shades of the Naked 3!

I couldn't stop using the palette everytime I am doing my make-up from home. Why from home? Because I somehow couldn't bear the thought of bringing it along to a trip and accidentally leaving it in one of the hotel rooms! Just a thought, but still..! (Same goes with my NARS One Night Stand blush palette.)

Oh, I got this palette from Sephora at Sunway Pyramid as they were out of stock in Starhill and KLCC! I was told that they were going to restock them soon but I am not sure if they have as this entry goes up.

Retailing at RM 188 ($52 in the US), it is best if you get them when you have the 10% off from Sephora (once you've collected 250 points for spending SO much on beauty and body products!! Eeep!) or if you're lucky, that 20% off that Sephora has once in a blue moon!
Because honestly, I do think RM 188 is a whole lot of money to spend on ONE make-up product!

I do feel bad when ever I spend so much on beauty products and though I got mine with the 10% off, RM 170 isn't that much different -- but I am just nuts.
And if you've been following this blog for a while, you'd know that I want what I want..



wow...RM188...? thank you for putting up the price... I've been eyeing this brand too since you mentioned them a few times (i think it was you) and wondered on the price...

at least I can do some saving for these candy stuff now..thanx babe!

Monkey's Bunny said...

No worries!
If you're into nude eyes, you should consider getting one of the Naked palettes! Try try dulu, do some swatches at the store ke.. If you are spending RM188 on eyeshadows, better make sure that the colours suit you :)

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