Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Oh shucks.. guess it's time for me to go a lil' deep (ha!) and talk about something of more substance..
I blame the moody weather. It's been raining pretty much everyday here in Bukit Jalil.
Also The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.
That movie is the shiz. Reminiscent of The Alchemist. To me at least. I find that the movie is interpreted differently by the audiences. Some would see it and say that the movie is about travelling.. I saw it as a whole lot more. Are we even remotely surprised? (I wasn't.)

If you haven't seen that film, you better! It's one of those movies that anyone could enjoy.. but if you're someone like me, you might end up leaving the cinema feeling a tad bittersweet and.. poignant.

It's been a week of 2014 and things have been alright so far. Nothing major happened so there's nothing much to tell. Though I must say that I have been having less emotional breakdowns for the past couple of months.. which was great! I'd been crying over a lot of things at the first half of last year and that just went away somehow.
I haven't been too crazy about work though, which isn't so great. I hate the days when I have to remind myself to smile. There's nothing worse than having days like that.

Of course like everyone I've set a few resolutions for myself. To no surprise, most of them revolves around finance. Surprisingly I didn't jot down "eat healthy" for once.. probably because I haven't been eating a lot of junk anyway, and I haven't been eating much altogether! Perhaps I should write down "eat" instead. Dieting didn't at all cross my mind, but I am just.. uninterested. Which is sad, I know.

Actual resolution worth sharing includes;
1. For every clothing that I buy, I must throw/give away a piece that I no longer wear.
I have way too many clothes, really, yet I keep wearing the saame things over and again. (Then say that I have nothing to wear, of course!) So in hopes to de-clutter my wardrobe (and maybe life) I am starting with that. I have also just set aside a big bag of clothes that I no longer wear yesterday. Yayy!
2. No girly-things splurges unless something really good comes along, or I've been eyeing on that certain thing for more than say.. three months.
I shop way too much last year. Way waaay too much! So I am putting my foot down on splurges. Buys are okay, but no more splurges! I am planning to hold off on splurges until November; that's when the good sales comes along and all the awesome holiday sets comes out! teehee..
3. Enough shoes, bags and jackets!
Seriously, I have a problem in this area too apart from my make-up stuff. As I was sorting my closet yesterday I find that for someone who lives in the tropics, I have way too many jackets, sweaters and scarves! And though I believe that there's nothing wrong for having a shoe for every mood and occasion, owning SIX boots is a bit too much, don't you think?
4. Slow down on the cigarettes, Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
Well, this one is no stranger to my new year's resolution..
5. Blog again.. Once a week at least.
Hence, the regular updates again! I feel like ever since I've become an iPhone user, I've been extremely distracted from my normal habits like reading and writing. In a way, I love that it keeps me occupied when bored (which is pretty often) but I'm not impressed by how easily it kept me away from my first love. I blame myself, really.
Anyway, since I've been into beauty related things lately I figured that I will have things to write about every week. I could probably alternate between life and beauty each week. Or just beauty stuff when my life gets too boring. *sigh*

Okay, I had a pretty good two days off from work and now I better start packing for my trip. It will be a long week for me, Perth tomorrow night and Kathmandu a day after that!
I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. Have a great week!


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