Saturday, March 22, 2014


Saw the Divergent film and hated it.
HATED IT! Hated it, hated it, HATED IT!!
I hated it even more after reading a random "fangirl" blog post how the film followed true to the book -- LIESS!! I couldn't even read half of her "review" because she made me question if we had been reading the same book!
She clearly read something else and not at all the one written by Veronica Roth.

Which ticks me again. What the heck was Roth thinking, letting the film turned out the way that it did?? It was a whole lot different than the book she wrote! Seriously, I almost called out "WTF!" halfway through the movie. I totally didn't blame Encem for falling asleep in the cinema. I was almost embarassed for wanting to see the film as badly as I did.

Really, I was disappointed. Can you tell?
Perhaps it was my fault thinking that the adaptation would be like how The Hunger Games turned out -- ACTUALLY true to the book and very minimal changes to the characters. (Katniss didn't exactly got her Mockingjay pin from The Hob, but that's nothing major.)

The movie Divergent really diverted from the book. I really didn't feel the connection between any of the characters. Christina was supposed to be taller and tougher than Tris. We didn't even see Al actually 'failing' his tests or Peter being any good except for being just a jackass. Molly didn't think Tris was "cool" in any part of the book and Four definitely did NOT teach Tris how to go through her final test! COME ONN!!
Sorry if I'd spoiled your viewing experience from reading this, but THE BOOK IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Go see the movie if you must. I would recommend not to. It's just better to pick up the book instead! Even the Twilight saga had a better adaptation into the movie, seriously.
I am just NOT looking forward to see Insurgent if/when it comes out. Sure, I won't deny that I'll probably go see it anyway but as for Divergent.. It's a complete disappointment for me.

The fangirl in me.. was crushed.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

#BeautyBlog 6

Possible future-purchases.

The two things that I adore Sephora the most about is the fact that how friendly and helpful the store assistants are, and how readily they are to give you samples!
(Maybe not the one in Starhill though. They're too stingy when I asked for samples and the store assistants always come off as snobbish!)

KLCC, I love because one time I was just browsing around and one of the girls approached me and asked if I was looking for something. I said no, and that I was just looking if anything pique my interest. She then told me to follow her so she'd show me all the new things in the store!

Pyramid, I love because the assistants were chatty and pretty much able to answer most of my questions about the products I was intrigued about. Also, I got those two little sample pots pictured above from there, which I will go into more in a bit.

Paradigm is my jam, basically! That place has never done me wrong and I don't think it ever could. This one particular guy especially always gets me the best samples available! teehee!

Now, on to something relevant to the picture I attached to this entry.
I've always been keen to try out the Glamglow masks and if you've seen them in stores, you should know that they're RM 240 a pop! That is one damn pricey mask, if you ask me!
Not wanting to make the same mistake as I did with the bloody Kiehl's eye cream, these days I always get samples first for a product (especially skincare!) before forking out my money for the full-size.

Now, even in US Dollars, these masks are pretty pricey at $69 so getting them online plus shipping would turn out to be just about the same as RM 240 I'm sure.
Not knowing even the difference between the two, I asked one of the SAs if I could have small samples of the two products and she adorably put them into their respective packaging colours! (If you haven't tried asking for samples in Sephora, YOU SHOULD!)

I'm glad that I got the samples first, because though both of them felt nice on my skin and worked pretty much the same (both extracted the icky oils from my T-zone and made my skin feel silky smooth), I wasn't too keen of the smell of the Clearing Treatment plus it broke me out the very next day! I haven't had a new breakout in WEEKS so that was annoying! The Exfoliating Mud Mask has chunks in it which looks kinda weird but it's supposed to help you exfoliate the skin whilst removing the mask, and it did!

I don't know.. RM 240 is a LOT man! Should I bite the bullet and get the black Glamglow? I love that I could see all the things it pulled out from my skin.. Is there anything else better out there?
Anyway, we'll see in the coming months. I've already done some bits of damage shopping online when I couldn't sleep few nights ago!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

#BeautyBlog 5

Now I feel like I haven't blogged for a long time, but it hasn't been that long really..

Since I haven't been to Sephora for so long, unfortunately I haven't had the chance to try out as many things to blog about. But fear not, I did stop by the ones in Paradigm, Pyramid AND KLCC in the last week so I do have some things to share!

But first, since I mention about them earlier last month, I shall let you know what I think about the new foundations in my collection;

Face And Body by MAC. (N3)

I'll be honest, this was my first MAC purchase because one, I have a little obsession with foundations after lip products.. Two, Pixiwoo of Youtube seemed to really like the product so I was pretty much sucked in!

Personally, I feel like I need to have ample time to properly put this foundation on. Apparently, the more you work on the foundation; the more you buff it into the skin, the thicker it becomes and the higher coverage it gives you. Also, this foundation is best applied with your fingers, which in theory should be perfect for those mornings where you overslept and only have a few minutes to get ready!

But I love my brushes.. Putting on foundation with my fingers feels a bit messy to me. And you do have to set the foundation with some powder because it doesn't really set -- or maybe I'm just too impatient to wait until it does.
Overall it's not a bad foundation really. Somedays when I do have the time, it gives a pretty good coverage that I could skip concealer! The awesome thing about this foundation, you could keep slapping it on layer after layer to get the coverage that you want and it wouldn't look cakey on!

Sheer Glow by NARS. (Stromboli)

Perhaps the best ever foundation I've used in my entire life. Yes, I am biased by the way. Though being advertised to give you a dewy finish (hence the name sheer "glow") it doesn't actually give me that effect. I have combo skin, slightly oily T-zone with some odd dry patches sometimes, and it simply gives me a semi-matte finish.

A little goes a long way, feels pretty light on the skin but it gives you a good medium coverage.
The annoying bit about this foundation, for something as pricey, the packaging does not come with a pump so you have to buy it separately! And it's not great to travel with since once you've attached the pump, you can no longer put the cap back on!
The product itself is awesome, but it has one of the oddest packaging I think.
But I would definitely repurchase if mine runs out. (I do love it!) But maybe in a shade lighter since I find Stromboli looks a bit yellow on me some days.

Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush by Tarte. (Light-Medium Neutral)

This is a new one I got because of Youtubers Essiebutton and Missglamorazzi! Seriously, these Youtube videos..

Anyway, I've been keen on trying out powder or mineral foundations lately so I feel like this seemed like a good middle-ground? Haha! It says to have some mineral particles in it so.. yeah.

I've been testing it out this entire week and surprisingly it gives me just as much coverage as any liquid foundations that I own! It didn't dry out on me at all or make me extra shiny by the end of the day. It performed pretty much like any liquid foundation, really!

Odd thing about this though, it kinda settled into my smile-lines.. sometimes. I am guessing that it was because I might not have blended it well enough into my skin. It was recommended to apply the foundation with the specially designed Airbuki brush but I was adamant not to get the brush with the foundation (because that'll mean I would have to spend an extra RM130!! Yikes!) but.. I don't know.. I might get the brush since I do love the feel of the foundation on my skin.

If I had to choose between the three foundation I featured in this entry, I must say that the Sheer Glow Foundation wins the top spot. Not just because it is a NARS product, but I love that even when I am lazy to get my makeup done, I know that this foundation will get it just right. I don't have to be careful or buff like hell to get the job done.
But that's just me.

Now on to some Sephora stuff.. I must admit that I am pretty addicted to that store. So much so that in one of my visits, I told the cashier that I have a 10% off for my purchase which led her to check on her screen;
Cashier: Wow.. You have six 10% off..
W: Yeah.. I have a problem.

Which is true -- I do have a serious shopping problem if I manage to have SIX 10% off!
Anyway, what truly led me to purchase Tarte's powder foundation when I did (it was on my wishlist.. Something 'in the future..' but, well.. I was weak!) was because I bought the mini Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed for RM30. (The regular size is RM120!) I obviously don't need any more blushers but I wanted to try out Tarte's real badly since that's what they're known best for -- and I was not disappointed!

Even though it didn't look like much, Exposed is a beautiful neutral pink that would look good on any skin tone! (Mumu tried it in the store before she got one herself and it looked good on her tanned skin!)
I would LOVE to get more of them if the minis were available and I highly highly recommend the blushers if not anything else. It lasts so well on the skin!

Enough bimbo-talk.. I should discuss on how to save money and not how to spend them! Hahahhaha

Friday, March 07, 2014


Can't remember the last time I blogged about a book. It's been a while.
I haven't really had the chance to read an actual book in a long time anyway. The last one I read -- before the one I'll tell you about -- was The Mortal Instruments, I think. And reading five of them in the course of a week pretty much put me in a daze. Just too much information, I think!
It was good, but it's nothing extraordinary. It killed my time, but it didn't leave me wondering about it.

So recently I picked up the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I looked up on her and turns out she is a few years younger than I am! This is like the whole Cecilia Ahern thing all over again! Gahh! Successful young writers always gets me feeling envious. Of course, I never actually sit down and decide to be a serious novelist, but the idea of making writing as a career.. That is the dream.
Yeah, I've said it. I do dream of being a writer. Encem thinks I could do it. But I am rightfully doubtful. Just look at my blog! I can barely focus on one singular thing, how can I possibly write a whole novel?

Anyway, back to Divergent. Some people say that it is similar to The Hunger Games. I wouldn't say that it is, but they are in the same sort of genre. The protagonists were both strong, young women. They are both kinda sad, with bittersweet ending.

The final instalment of the Divergent series were a bit troubling. I dunno.. I finished the book around 6 am in the morning (I can barely put the book down, it was GOOD!) and I couldn't get to sleep because it left me with a heart ache. I also spent the rest of the day and the day after that being lost in thoughts and basically just lacking in the presence of mind -- not great when your job demands focus and your ability to save lives should there be a need.
It really ruined me.

I was kinda sad and pissed by the ending but after reading Roth's blog and thoughts for coming up with the ending.. It just made sense. Sure, it made sense while I was reading the book, but reading her thoughts pretty much clicked something else in my mind.

The odd thing about Divergent and The Hunger Games.. I feel like the first book was the happiest of the series. Hahahhaha! Well, I find that funny since neither of the two series are "happy" but compared to their respective instalments, they seemed a bit more happier.

I still catch myself thinking about Tris and Tobias and the whole stuff about Divergent these days, but it's useless really. It's not like there's anything I can do about it.
Good thing that I've just picked up the books last week too since the movie is coming out later this month!

I am looking forward to it, but I must say that I'm not crazy about it -- knowing how it ends. Just like Mockingjay. I do look forward to it (probably because of Jennifer Lawrence mostly; that girl is the shiz!) but I am going to hate what's going to happen so.. yeah..

If you're thinking of getting something to read, do consider the Divergent series. They were very well written and it just left you wanting more -- hence finishing up the book way past bedtime!

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