Sunday, March 16, 2014

#BeautyBlog 6

Possible future-purchases.

The two things that I adore Sephora the most about is the fact that how friendly and helpful the store assistants are, and how readily they are to give you samples!
(Maybe not the one in Starhill though. They're too stingy when I asked for samples and the store assistants always come off as snobbish!)

KLCC, I love because one time I was just browsing around and one of the girls approached me and asked if I was looking for something. I said no, and that I was just looking if anything pique my interest. She then told me to follow her so she'd show me all the new things in the store!

Pyramid, I love because the assistants were chatty and pretty much able to answer most of my questions about the products I was intrigued about. Also, I got those two little sample pots pictured above from there, which I will go into more in a bit.

Paradigm is my jam, basically! That place has never done me wrong and I don't think it ever could. This one particular guy especially always gets me the best samples available! teehee!

Now, on to something relevant to the picture I attached to this entry.
I've always been keen to try out the Glamglow masks and if you've seen them in stores, you should know that they're RM 240 a pop! That is one damn pricey mask, if you ask me!
Not wanting to make the same mistake as I did with the bloody Kiehl's eye cream, these days I always get samples first for a product (especially skincare!) before forking out my money for the full-size.

Now, even in US Dollars, these masks are pretty pricey at $69 so getting them online plus shipping would turn out to be just about the same as RM 240 I'm sure.
Not knowing even the difference between the two, I asked one of the SAs if I could have small samples of the two products and she adorably put them into their respective packaging colours! (If you haven't tried asking for samples in Sephora, YOU SHOULD!)

I'm glad that I got the samples first, because though both of them felt nice on my skin and worked pretty much the same (both extracted the icky oils from my T-zone and made my skin feel silky smooth), I wasn't too keen of the smell of the Clearing Treatment plus it broke me out the very next day! I haven't had a new breakout in WEEKS so that was annoying! The Exfoliating Mud Mask has chunks in it which looks kinda weird but it's supposed to help you exfoliate the skin whilst removing the mask, and it did!

I don't know.. RM 240 is a LOT man! Should I bite the bullet and get the black Glamglow? I love that I could see all the things it pulled out from my skin.. Is there anything else better out there?
Anyway, we'll see in the coming months. I've already done some bits of damage shopping online when I couldn't sleep few nights ago!


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