Friday, March 07, 2014


Can't remember the last time I blogged about a book. It's been a while.
I haven't really had the chance to read an actual book in a long time anyway. The last one I read -- before the one I'll tell you about -- was The Mortal Instruments, I think. And reading five of them in the course of a week pretty much put me in a daze. Just too much information, I think!
It was good, but it's nothing extraordinary. It killed my time, but it didn't leave me wondering about it.

So recently I picked up the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I looked up on her and turns out she is a few years younger than I am! This is like the whole Cecilia Ahern thing all over again! Gahh! Successful young writers always gets me feeling envious. Of course, I never actually sit down and decide to be a serious novelist, but the idea of making writing as a career.. That is the dream.
Yeah, I've said it. I do dream of being a writer. Encem thinks I could do it. But I am rightfully doubtful. Just look at my blog! I can barely focus on one singular thing, how can I possibly write a whole novel?

Anyway, back to Divergent. Some people say that it is similar to The Hunger Games. I wouldn't say that it is, but they are in the same sort of genre. The protagonists were both strong, young women. They are both kinda sad, with bittersweet ending.

The final instalment of the Divergent series were a bit troubling. I dunno.. I finished the book around 6 am in the morning (I can barely put the book down, it was GOOD!) and I couldn't get to sleep because it left me with a heart ache. I also spent the rest of the day and the day after that being lost in thoughts and basically just lacking in the presence of mind -- not great when your job demands focus and your ability to save lives should there be a need.
It really ruined me.

I was kinda sad and pissed by the ending but after reading Roth's blog and thoughts for coming up with the ending.. It just made sense. Sure, it made sense while I was reading the book, but reading her thoughts pretty much clicked something else in my mind.

The odd thing about Divergent and The Hunger Games.. I feel like the first book was the happiest of the series. Hahahhaha! Well, I find that funny since neither of the two series are "happy" but compared to their respective instalments, they seemed a bit more happier.

I still catch myself thinking about Tris and Tobias and the whole stuff about Divergent these days, but it's useless really. It's not like there's anything I can do about it.
Good thing that I've just picked up the books last week too since the movie is coming out later this month!

I am looking forward to it, but I must say that I'm not crazy about it -- knowing how it ends. Just like Mockingjay. I do look forward to it (probably because of Jennifer Lawrence mostly; that girl is the shiz!) but I am going to hate what's going to happen so.. yeah..

If you're thinking of getting something to read, do consider the Divergent series. They were very well written and it just left you wanting more -- hence finishing up the book way past bedtime!


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you already are a writer dude! you put english graduates to shame!

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