Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Nuts About NARS

As the title suggested, I am pretty much all over NARS. I honestly don't know how it started considering the brand had only come to our shores late last year!

But really, anywhere I go (overseas) I would try to have a look at their store or stand, and when ever I go to Pavilion I would just find myself walking past the store -- not necessarily going in for fear of being tempted to actually make a purchase!
Anyway, I LOVE the brand; so much so that when/if I get married, you'll surely see them on one of the exchanged gift trays (hantaran!)

Let's start with the face stuff; I've talked about the Sheer Glow Foundation (here) so I won't ramble much about it except that I am still loving it! Awesome coverage for something that felt so light on the skin.
The Radiant Creamy Concealer is pretty much my Holy Grail concealer. Perhaps it's the shade, but while other concealers I've tried makes my skin seemed ashy and just vanishes after a few hours, this concealer stays put beautifully. Sometimes it gets into the fine lines under my eyes but since it's only "sometimes", suppose it's the way I applied it that day or the eye cream that I was using.. It's sad to say that I am running out of the concealer but I will be repurchasing it soon, I'm sure!
My recent purchase was made at the NARS stand in Hankyu, Taipei. It wasn't cheaper than in KL but I've been eyeing on it for too long now so I decided to just get it! After two weeks of using it pretty much exclusively, I've gotta say that the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is becoming a top favourite -- definitely this month's favourite! It gives a sheer coverage with a dewy finish. Well, it is sheer but it evened out my skintone just fine. It is supposed to clear dark spots and lighten hyperpigmentation with regular use, we'll see about that but even if it does nothing for me, I still love how comfortable it feels after having it on for long hours. Oh, it also have an SPF of 30!

My first NARS palette was their One Night Stand blush palette from their Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection last year. I've talked a bit about it here and all I have to say now is that since then I am still loving Deep Throat and Goulue, while I pretty much use Laguna to slightly contour and bronze up my face everytime I am doing my make-up! (All bottom shades.) The highlighter shade is called Devotee (I just don't generally highlight my face), the pink shade is called Mistinguette (too scary pink on the pan for my taste -- which means that I should probably actually use it and see how I really feel about it) and the top right shade is their ever so famous Orgasm. A cult favourite but not mine. Let's just say that if I actually put this on, it'd be really crazy to add highlighter on. Perhaps if I am more into highlights, I would have loved this more.

Another recent purchase from their stand in SOGO, also in Taipei is the Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir? eye & cheek palette. I hadn't done a single research on this but I saw it and just got to have it! (Splurge, yes..) Apparently it was a Nordstrom exclusive for their anniversary sale sometime last year. Well, I knew that I was going to get their eyeshadows at some point so seeing this palette just made my day! The eyeshadows included are Molokaï, Antananarivo, Lhasa and Ragoun. The blush shade on the left is Deep Throat (I don't mind having two of this, really) and the one on the right is Dolce Vita, which is a beautiful dusty rose shade.
I honestly love all the colours on this palette as it creates a complete look! Definitely worth the splurge.

Now these Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner is a bit funny. I have two of these and they're both of two different consistencies. The chocolate shade, Via De' Martelli is a bit hard while Rue Bonaparte (described as light almond on the website) is very soft and perfect for the waterline. I love that these liners are twist-ups and has a "sharpener" attached to the bottom. Very convenient.
I'd love to get the black shade, Via Veneto but I've got a whole lot of black liners in my stash already.. Maybe someday. heh

As for the lip products, I have three. I love how the Satin Lip Pencil feels on my lips, and the shade Luxembourg is just ME, I think. Not loving the fact that these pencils needs to be sharpened every so often but I really am willing to go through the hassle because it's really beautiful on. The fuchsia Semi Matte Lipstick named Funny Face was one that I went to the store a few times for. It was sold out everytime I asked for it in KL so yeah, by the time I was in Bangkok it's all I could think about!
The third lipstick that I own is the limited edition Cinematic Lipstick in the colour Future Red from the Guy Bourdin holiday collection. Funny Face isn't as moisturising as Future Red, being a semi matte finish but all of these products mentioned stayed so well on my lips.

Another limited edition item from last year's collection is the Opaque Nail Polish in the shade Follow Me. I have to say that I am glad that I got it when I did because I just love the shade! I have an entire post just about this nail polish so, that's that!

SAMPLES! hahahha! Seriously, even the samples looks awesome. I'll probably give the tinted moisturizers to Dida and Mama since they're in the shades Terre-Neuve and Finland; way too light for my skintone and I do have the full size now!

Oh I am finally done with this entry!


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