Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yes, I've been MIA..

Only in the blogsphere world.
I am pretty present on Instagram and everywhere else. Is it bad that I've been hiding my thoughts even more so these days?

There isn't much to tell. Work has been "work".. It got harder to put on the uniform lately. Tired.. Sick of being sick.. My mood overall is just sucky.

The one good thing about the month of August is that I get to have Encem around. Fight with him face to face then actually kiss and made up.
But now only after a few weeks coming back from Algeria, he's getting ready to leave for Jeddah and this time he's leaving for longer.

So I am getting sad all over again. I hated the way it felt when he's gone and now I need to brace myself for an even worse feeling.
I am SO used to having him around..
Even when we fight, I still get to see him.. We still "talk" even if I just answered him with huffs and grunts..

So yeah, I hate not having him around.

Recently we took a tiny break from the city and head back to his hometown. It was a good trip. Ended with a little fight (typical!) but it was a good trip nonetheless.

Reminded me how badly I needed to be away from work!


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