Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recent playthings!

Suppose I should title this entry "Beauty Blog #10", oh well..
I believe anything NARS related should have a title of its own and not "just another beauty-related entry" -- even if that's exactly what it is! Haha

Days before I acquired the two nail polishes from @NARSissist, I made a few naughty purchases of my own.

I have been drawn to the summer gifting collection when I first saw it. Mostly for the lacquer box -- I know, horrible. But I don't really need another nail polish and I've never been a fan of lip glosses. To be honest, I got the set because I was feeling a tad upset one day and seeing the shade Schiap on one of the YouTuber that I am subsribed to just sold it for me -- I had to get the Climax set!

The set comes with the Schiap lipstick and nail polish and a limited edition lipgloss in a shockingly pink lacquer box.

The lipstick and nail polish is an instant love for me, while the lip gloss unfortunately didn't turn me into a lip gloss lover -- which is an almost impossible feat, because I really don't like the glossy lips look on myself. "Almost" because I believe in "never say never".. heh!

I had also purchased the lip lacquer in Hot Wired online quite recently. Given that the lip lacquer range has been discontinued, lets just skip past the fact on how much I spend on getting HopShopGo to buy it for me and the shipping. I want what I want, so there is no regret there.
Suppose there isn't much use for me to review the product since it's hard to come by, but let's just say that I LOVE IT. It's a shame that I have to use it sparingly because I will be devastated once I've run out of it.

My most recent purchase is the Audacious lipstick in the shade Jane. I've been wanting to get a nude lipstick since I have way too many reds and fuchsia in my collection! Jane isn't exactly nude though, it's more of a muted orange; described as "terracota rose" on the website. It looks pretty nude-ish on me, but I shall still look for the perfect nude shade!
I must say that the Audacious line is one of the most comfortable lipstick I've ever put on. It's opaque, semi matte (has a slight satin finish) and not drying at all. At RM95 a pop, I do expect them to perform well.

I can say that I adore the lipstick and as much I want to get more of them, most of the nude shades are out of stock at the Pavilion store and when it comes to lipstick I do prefer to play around with them before making a purchase!

The new Nars holiday color collection; Laced With Edge has just been released yesterday and you know.. I'm getting my hands some of that!
It was around this time last year that I got myself hooked on Nars after all!


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