Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Birthday Wishlist..

It's almost ridiculous how excited I am about birthdays.. Not even just for mine! I tend to "plan" other people's birthday presents months in advance, if I'm honest. Not exactly plan per se, but if I get inspired five months ahead of their birthday, you can be sure that I'd get their present five months in advance!

So for my own birthday, I've been saving up a bit these past few months so I could reward myself with something "big". Not as big as a house, as Encem thought, but something ridiculously expensive (for what it really is) that I wouldn't normally indulge in.

The fashion bits;

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C ($195) and Hudson Moto Mini ($265) are something that I have been eyeing for months. Sling-bags are pretty much a staple of mine, if you know me at all. I rarely ever leave home without one. They're good with jeans and dresses and I know I'd get a lot of use of it, if I decided to get one.
Of course, there's nothing wrong with my current Billabong sling bag that Encem bought me, so.. there's that.

Handbags are something that I'd like to be more into, and though I'm not exactly brand-focus when it comes to fashion, the Louis Vuitton Totally PM ($1270) is a beaut! If I'm absolutely honest, I am especially keen on the pockets at the side! Hahahaha! Being an LV doesn't hurt either and it IS in that "ridiculously pricey" category. The Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Saffiano ($248) is similarly designed for a fraction of the price.. But it's not an LV, is it? heehee
I really don't own any real branded items in my wardrobe unless you count the Longchamp Le Pliage which was also a gift from Encem. huhuu
Now if you've been reading my blog for years, you'd probably notice that I've been covetting for Christian Louboutin's shoes for a very very veerry long time.
Although I'd LOVE to own a pair of booties by him, I don't see any that I love this season so I don't have a problem with settling for the Pigalle (RM2560) or the New Simple Pump (RM3270) heehee.
The main problem about this though, Christian Louboutin does not have a store in Malaysia (as far as I am aware) so I am not confident to buy shoes online! And for a pair of shoes that I don't have the time to wear and costs that much.. err... But it is ridiculous.

The make-up bits;

Can't expect a wishlist without anything from NARS, right? Hahahha! There is just something about the Yachiyo brush ($55) that I really find beautiful. The peculiar design just gets to me and I must confess -- I've bought and used it already! Hahahahha! So much for being on the "wishlist"! But it has been on that wishlist for months and while I was making an order from Nars, I thought that I might as well just get it! Then when it arrived, having the box just staring at me.. I couldn't wait 'til my birthday and caved. hahahha!

One that I don't "need" but might get anyway is the blush in the shade Oasis (RM120). Alan, the Nars make-up artist in Penang put it on me the last time I was there and I couldn't help but curse under my breath. I really don't need another blush but damn, it looked goooood! I probably shouldn't get this though, since I'd just bought the Modern Future set from their holiday collection because I *felt* like it. hahaha!
I seriously suck at saving, can you tell?

More things that I don't need are make-up bags!! But I really love the promise of organisation that the Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio ($98) could bring. As for Rebecca Minkoff Makeup Stash Kerry Pouch ($75).. Well.. It's RED. I swear I get stupid whenever I see anything in red.

Random bits and bobs;

NARS candle in Acapulco. For $50 a pop, it must be one of the most ridiculous item on this list! Hahahahha! I love the idea of having the handsome jar in my room but I'm not sure if I could bring myself to burn away RM230 (how much it's priced in KL!) But what is the point of having a candle if you don't burn them?

The Philips DS1155 charging speaker dock ($80/RM400) is one of those things I'd like to get since I got my iPhone 5. I love that it has the alarm clock and charges the phone. Would save me the trouble of constantly plugging and unplugging my charger everytime I go on a trip. I'm not too concerned about the speaker now that Encem got me a super early birthday present in the form of the Bose Soundlink Mini which has an incredible sound! (Writing this entry is making me realize how Encem really spoils me.. and I'm not surprised if you're getting the urge to roll your eyes everytime I had to mention him because I feel like cringing myself!) 

The last item in this long list is the Kate Spade Say Yes "Taken" necklace ($75) which I must admit, a bit odd to buy myself. But I love the dainty-ness of it! Would it be too silly to get it anyway? Hmm.. I am also contemplating her Zodiac Pendant Necklace ($43.50/S$100/RM230) because getting Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul ring ($219) is a little too fancy to get myself! hahahha

I do feel especially vain writing this entry, but I'm just sharing really.. I'll be turning the big three-oh in one month so I do feel the need to go a little obnoxious somehow! Hahahahha!
I haven't decided on anything though.. For all I know I could actually just save my money and spend it on a holiday! (Which sounds pretty awesome, right about now.)


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