Friday, December 26, 2014

How about a confession?

Etihad is hiring.
Can't say I'm not interested. The idea has always intrigued me.
While I have valid excuses for not going to other companies while others did;
AK -- "ughhh six sectors?"
D7 -- "ughhh TPE, KTM turnaround?", "I like the colour red.. I don't want to get sick of it", and my personal favourite; "I'm too lazy to shave my legs!"
QR -- "ughhh no smoking? Curfews? wth!"
EK -- "ughhh pak Arab.. *pretend barf*"
SQ -- "ughh they all have the same makeup.. *pretend snore*"
CX -- "nu uhh! Pretty sure they serve pork onboard"

It's no secret to my close friends that I loath pak Arab passengers, so moving to their country is very very unlikely. But I don't know why I always have this idea that if ever I am moving on from my current company.. it'll be for EY. There is an unexplainable pull towards them, somehow.

But anyway, I don't think I'll try out because my legs are looking pretty nasty. I think I might have developed an allergic reaction to flying. heh! It's not exactly something new, though. My legs have been acting up on and off ever since I started flying and they get exceptionally dry when I spend too much time in the cabin.
Having "itchy" hands of course does not help, but the itch is manageable if I'm away from work for a few days!

They got much worse the last quarter of this year somehow. I honestly cannot remember where I've even placed my shorts because it's been so freakin' long since I put them on. It's sad really. I should go see a doctor about it. bleh!

Anyway, my mood gets pretty lousy when people talks about leaving.
I hated when Encem left but that was a bad time for all of us so it made sense for him to leave. So did a lot of my friends then.
This year a few of my dear friends left and I couldn't help but feel like I was punched right to the heart. I can honestly count with my fingers of the people whom I really felt a kinship with. I was thoroughly upset when I found out Syam was leaving. More upset because we spent some time in Narita just the week before the news got out and he didn't say a word! I suppose there were hints, but I was blinded with happiness of spending my day with a friend. That one hit me pretty hard.
Bestie have always wanted to join EK. I don't even know if our friends knows that about him, but he always keep track of their open day. I feel like he's bound to get in one day, and I'm sure I'll hate it when he leaves.

Oh, what was I talking about really?
I think it's great that people around me has some sort of an idea of where they want to go.. some kind of a goal. I think I am heading into the dark again. I feel like I have nothing much to look forward to.. somehow.
Anyway, I always get the strongest urge to shop when I'm having this sort of shitty mood. Some sort of a defense mechanism where I distract myself with new shiny things and keep me away from falling into the abyss.
At least I have some exciting packages to look forward to in two weeks' time!


s a L o m a said...

jom join EY babe!! EK tak best sebab kat dubai. dubai is hectic, traffic and always busy. hahahahahah abu dhabi is calmer, more relax and peaceful gitu. #sellingEY :P and more ughh pak arab in dubai compare to pak arab abu dhabi. lol

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