Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wasting away..

Whoaa, aren't I chatty this week?
Perhaps I'm trying to make up for the ones I was supposed to write once a week! hahahha! (I've written 36 posts so far and there are 53 weeks this year.. So minus this one, I only have 16 more to write! HAHAHAHHA!)

I've been feeling kinda numb today so I thought I'll probably write something that sounds more like my normal self. If I get to have a soundtrack, some kind of a theme song for this week, it's going to be Habits by Tove Lo. Not that the lyrics applies to me 100% but I pretty much need something to keep my mind off my loneliness.

I know I'm quite pathetic. Pretty much immovable when Encem isn't around. I just can't quit moping around. I was supposed to change my bedsheet and sort my dirty clothes to be sent to the laundry, but really.. I just couldn't be bothered with it! Yeah, so pathetic. The feminist in me is vomiting blood.

Seriously though, I keep telling Encem that he's my circus monkey. (Okay, can we actually be serious with that statement?) If you see me interact with him, as Mamita worded it, I seemed annoyed with a lot of his actions. Yeah, well.. that's just my face maybe. hahahha! But he makes me laugh most times. He keeps me light and the dark thoughts away.. even when he annoys the crap out of me.
It's always when he's away that I'm troubled.
So yeah, let's all blame him for all my crazy posts.

Anyway, my long "holiday" is coming to an end. I have been off from work since Wednesday and so far I've spent my days just wasting away. Putting off laundry. Putting off emails that I was supposed to write. Putting off life basically. And I can't really blame Encem for that.
I am just LAZY, really.
I've been sleeping terribly this week; basically dozing off as the day breaks. So of course I would be knocked out 'til the afternoon since I know I haven't got any plans during the day. Then I simply gave up trying to be productive knowing that half the day is gone. Sad, I know.
But tomorrow's my last day off and I'm hoping that I would finally get things done!

Today I did something semi-productive by reading a book! I say semi-productive because I was still in bed basically lazing but at least I wasn't surfing around the internet for nothing or got myself glued to YouTube.
I was reading Four : A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth which is basically some bits of Divergent and a bit before that in Four's (the male protagonist of the series) point of view.
I always find it interesting, reading books that has two sides of the situation. I find it amusing when there is a male point of view. Then of course I was reminded by the fact that the book was written by a GIRL and that kinda spoiled the initial giddiness that I was feeling. It was nice while it lasted.

Should it matter though? Somehow I couldn't take Four seriously because he was written by a girl; that his "feelings" weren't real -- when really, he's a fictional character to begin with!! What the heck is wrong with me??? hahahaha!!

I'll probably catch up on some more reading if I fail to fall asleep again tonight.


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