Thursday, January 29, 2015

Of course I'm fine!

I mean, who would ever confess how they really feel when asked if they're okay?
Not me, definitely.
Anyway, I'm thankful for having family and friends who are well attuned to my moods -- or at least my tweets! hahahhaha!

If I'm being honest, I've been feeling like crap for the past few days. I don't know why it's so hard to say it out loud. Well, I know. I don't want to get those judgy quizzical looks and have to deal with questions that I don't have the answers for.
Sometimes I get shit handed to me and my being just makes it ten thousands worse.
I don't know! I wish I do.. but I don't!

Maybe I'm depressed. Maybe my mood swings and insomnia could attest to that. Maybe I'm just hopeless, who knows?

Maybe I'll die alone.
Maybe I deserve that.
Maybe I was put here to be a conundrum to everyone and even myself!

What I do know, I've successfully given myself a headache from trying to word my feelings in this entry. Should I even call this an entry? I doubt it.

Anyway, I had the past couple of days off and despite wanting to do a lot of things, I got myself stuck in bed just reading..
Sometimes I feel like I could get a lot of shit done if I hated reading.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Every year I give myself some silly resolutions to achieve and this year shouldn't be any different!
Silly, so I wouldn't be too bummed if I fail to follow through. heh! Not that I don't have faith in myself, but I don't take "New Year's Resolution" too seriously to begin with. You don't need a new year to start working on a life goal, do you?
So yeah, I save the silly ones especially for the new year..

1. Stop putting Blue October, Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 on loop.
It's getting a little out of hand! I am especially OBSESSED with 1989. The album reminds me of Bruno Mars' album or Lady Gaga's. No they don't sound the same, not even the same genre.. but I feel like every song in the album sounded so different from one another. You can't get bored to it!

2. Start a scrapbook.
Well, maybe not a scrapbook. After seeing a video on YouTube about Project Life by Becky Higgins, I am especially intrigued. But that crap is pricey, damn! (It's on the wishlist now! hahahha!) I love the concept, as it's more of an album than an actual scrapbook so it isn't the same as writing in my Moleskine. But yeah.. I think this year I'll be sticking more photos into my Moleskine instead of just doodling in it. Then maybe if I end up sticking too many photos in there, I'll get myself one of those Project Life starter kits!
note: there is NO DOUBT that I WILL be getting Project Life sometime in my life. Can't get it off my mind!

3. Set aside a sum of money each month.

I talk about saving up every friggin' year, I swear! But seeing the success of saving up for my birthday last year, I think I should start early this year! Can't think of what I want for my birthday just yet, but perhaps I could use the money for a long vacation somewhere!.. or my wedding. JENG JENG JENGG!! hahahaha!! Still can't talk about that with a serious face. Oh well, it could happen..

4. Control on the beauty stuff.
Obviously I don't need anymore makeup. I've been pretty good with the skincare stuff. I know what my skin loves.
As for makeup.. Honestly, I don't need anymore palettes, lip products or nail polish! But I'll be real, I can't quite say no to NARS. So I'll cut myself some slack in that area heh!
I do need to get rid of some old makeup though. Gotta stop hoarding and throw away expired stuff!

5. Get rid of old clothes and shoes..
I have plenty of that! And I'm not even holding on to them.. Just that I'm too lazy to take the time and sort the ones that I no longer need.
Honestly, "make use of my time better" should be on this list.
Oh, I still don't need anymore cardigans, coats, jackets, sweaters or boots! So yeah, I don't plan on getting rid of old things so I could get new ones.. I just need to declutter my life, really.

6. Blog more than last year.

7. Lead a healthier lifestyle.
Typical new year's resolution!
Smoke less, drink less caffeinated drinks, take less sugar, drink more water, not to skip meals, get more sleep.. Exercise..? HAHAHAHA!! I should take myself seriously, but really, I'm only excited about "exercising" for the cute outfits.

So that's it! Seven of my 2015 resolution!
So far I can say that only #2 is going on well. Haven't started on the rest yet. teehee! I have been taking less sugar in my coffee/tea for the past two-three months but I think it's kinda moot when some days I drink three to four cups of coffee/tea! huhuuu

Did anyone else make some sort of a resolution this year? How are they coming along?
I hope you're having a wonderful 2015 so far and good luck in following those resolution -- if you made any.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I've been silent again.. Sorry!

Feels like I've been giving myself excuses to not blog, but really.. I've been kinda busy since my last update.

I was on leave from 6th to 11th and on 12th I flew to Taipei. Came back from that and headed to Sydney the day after. Came back from that and did one of my longest flights ever -- turnaround Manila that got delayed because the airport was closed at the time we were supposed to land as the pope was travelling!
I was pooped beyond words. I don't know about you but whenever I get a long break from work, it's really hard for my body to get accustomed to working again!

My everything just ached and it was no fun at all! Two days off, and here I am in Dubai!
The last time I was here was yeaaars ago! Now apart from my cousin, I also have an aunty who works here. We got together last night and had a wonderful dinner. Chatting and catching up, said our goodbyes around 11pm -- which was 3am back home!! Hahahahaha
I felt kinda bad for having "dinner" at 1am.. Oh well.

I've also been busy from actively writing in my Moleskine again. I haven't got the chance to share with you my year's "resolution" but among it was to record my daily life in a sort-of scrapbook form. I'll explain when I get around to write about my resolution but basically, January isn't over yet but my Moleskine is significantly thicker! -- and I LOVE it!

My sleep-pattern is still crap. Last night my aunty asked how I get use to "jetlag" or if there's a way around it. I told her that I'm a bad sleeper wherever I am so I am not the best person to answer that! Like last night, I got back at the hotel just before midnight, fell asleep around 2am (6am back home!) woke up around 5 for whatever reason and told myself that it was ridiculous to have enough sleep then. Went back to sleep and woke up again around 8!
Sometimes I worry myself when my body does this kind of crap.

Flying home this evening, another turnaround on Friday and then off days during the weekend! Really looking forward to that!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

2014 Round-Up : Resolution

Happy New Year!!
I was meant to post this as the closing entry for 2014.. Oh well!
Every year I like to go back and reflect on how I did with the resolution I set myself to. (I don't necessarily blog about it, though.)

1. For every clothing that I buy, I must throw/give away a piece that I no longer wear.
I didn't throw away as much as I should, I must admit. But I also didn't buy as much clothes as I normally would! So hey, that's something. I do find myself loving Uniqlo recently. I love that they always have some things on offer during weekends! Love their bra-tops (because really, why wear a bra when there's one attached to your top? haha!) and if the Airism bra-top is on offer -- SCORE!

2. No girly-things splurges unless something really good comes along, or I've been eyeing on that certain thing for more than say.. three months.

I don't think I have much of "splurges" in 2014! *pats back* I mean, sure I have about five unused mascaras in my stash but they're all travel size.. hahahha! Excuses, yes. But apart from that, I think I am over that "I need to try everything!" phase. Kinda. My wishlist keeps on growing but I think that's a good sign -- means that I'm not buying them.
Pretty sure my "splurges" now only comes from NARS.

3. Enough shoes, bags and jackets!
Ooh! I didn't buy any jacket!
I did buy a pair of loafers from Aldo because I needed one that wouldn't hurt my feet. (Had a pair from Clarks for years but they're still as stiff as the first day I bought them! ughh!)
And I got myself a Rebecca Minkoff bag -- for my birthday, so that doesn't count!
I've been good, really. And Encem and Bestie had been good to me too for getting me things that I resolved not to buy myself. hehe

4. Slow down on the cigarettes, Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
err.. I definitely don't go to Starbucks anymore -- unless there isn't any Coffee Bean in sight. But.. yeaah.. Coffee and cigarettes are such perfect ways to waste some time! aaghh!

5. Blog again.. Once a week at least

hahahhaha! Well, you know I failed this one.

Are we ready for 2015's resolution?

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